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Posted on is the name of the site that is only available on mobile phones. You are able to earn points by completing offers that are able to be found on the page of Earn Points. Keep in mind that you will have to sign into the site if you want to earn points.

Logging into is easy. You will just have to enter your email address and well as the password. In case you have not created an account of before, then you will require to make one first by entering the nickname, the email address, and the password. Once you have created the account, then you will be able to log in.

Talking about earning points in, there is a thing called the Secret Methods. In the Secret Methods page, they show you how you are able to get a crazy amount of points.

  • Multiple Devices

A few members of earn tons of points each week. You are able to make it possible by using multiple devices. Feel free to use your friends, siblings, parents, cousins, and the devices of your family member to download and complete offers. However, you will have to make a new ZaneRewards account as the same Id cannot be used to complete the already complete offers.

  • Checking Daily

New apps and offers being added each week. It is essential that you check daily, as sometimes the app will only show up for a single day. Usually, there are a few amazing apps that come out and pay up to 100 points and they will be gone the next day. So, for those who are checking all of the walls, and you are able to access multiple devices, you usually are able to earn more than 500 points simply when a new offer is released.

Are you having problems receiving points? If the answer to the question is yes, please read this page to know the common problems.

  • Already Downloaded

If you already downloaded an app before, even if it was a year ago, it will not work. Apparently, the points only appear if you have never downloaded it before.

  • Following Steps

Every app has requirements. While a few only need you to open the app, most of them that pay more than 100 points require you to actually log in or complete an action. You are encouraged to read the instructions on every app. If you do not want to sign up you can just pick the low point offers that are easier.

  • Time Spent

Each low point app needs you to open it for at least 30 seconds. So, when you download something, be sure to spend some time on it. A few apps may take up to 30 minutes to give you points. It means even if you have done everything, you might just have to wait a bit. They do not have control over this as each app tracks points individually.

  • Bad Offer

Several apps might be broken. There are about 3% of them that do not add points and are always working on removing them.

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