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Now, Fortnite becomes popular and it also makes Fortnite esports players have risen to record levels of fame, wealth and status as well. You may wonder who is the best Fortnite player. Here, we will inform you about it to fulfill your curiosity. You may also wonder why he can be chosen as the best player. It is because he has good earnings in Fortnite and also good performance in major tournaments.

For now, the best player in Fortnite is Bugha. The real name of Bugha is Kyle Giersdorf. He was born on December 30th, 2002. He is a Youtube gamer who is known for playing Fortnite: Battle Royale competitively and he is also known for competing in the Fortnite’s World Cup Tournament. He is a member of Sentinels and he joined it on March 25th, 2019.

He is a pretty good Fortnite player. His performances have not been disappointing. He started the World Cup qualifiers at the top and finished at the top when the World Cup was over. He was the top performer in the first week of qualifiers. He also was the first person to qualify for the World Cup from North America. In the next 9 weeks of qualifiers, he continued to compete and qualify repeatedly for solos for the World Cup.

Bugha continued his dominance in the most competitive Fortnite lobby ever at the actual World Cup. He could win convincingly with the most kills in the game in the first game of the solo competition. Bugha never let go of the lead finishing in the top 10 for the majority of the games to win the solos World Cup. For the tournament, he won $3 million in total. Also, he gained around 200% exposure on his social media which went from 44,000 Youtube subscribers to 159,000 subscribers that day. On that day, he also got Twitter followers from 31,000 followers to 156,000 followers and was also verified. On Twitch, he gained followers from 76,000 to 120,000 followers. Then, because of this success, he was invited to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon.

Since then, in the NA East region Bugha has remained as one of the top competitors. He has qualified and competed in every major tournament of FNCS and finished in the top 10 for duos FNCS and also the Winter Royale 2019 competition.

His Youtube channel name is Bugha and now he has more than 3 million subscribers. It is known that he created this Youtube channel on June 21st, 2015 and now it has more than 131 million views.

In the description of his Youtube channel, it is written that he has been crowned the Fortnite World Champion in 2019 by beating out 40 million competitors worldwide. And he also outscored the final 100 contestants in the Finals. He was also crowned both the PC Rookie Player of the Year and PC Player Of The Year esports Awards in November 2019.

You may wonder what he did before making Fortnite content. It is unknown what he has done before making it, but his oldest videos are montages of his professional Fortnite gameplay.

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