Where is Risky Reels in Fortnite Chapter 2

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You may want to find the location of Risky Reels in Fortnite Chapter 2. However, this place is such a great place which should be used as a search list location in Fortnite. Why?

As you remember, Fortnite ever held a big event for Star Wars in this location. Certainly, there will be a possibility that Epic Games will use this place for next event further. So, finding the Risky Reels location is really recommended for you.

What are Risky Reels in Fortnite?

In fact, Risky Reels is an unnamed Point of Interest (POI) in Fortnite Battle Royale which has been added in Season 4. Risky Reels is located inside the coordinates E3 and E4, northeast of Salty Springs, north of The Authority and west of Frenzy Farm.

Moreover, the Risky Reels is a drive in theater with a ticket booth, huge projector screen, projector, playground, restaurant, food stand, toilets and many cars within. The chests can be found on the back of some cars, some picnic tables, in the ticket stand and food stand, caravans, inside the projector screen, inside the restaurant and on a car nearby hill.

Why do you have to find the Risky Reels?

To jog your memory, the Fortnite Star Wars event was held one year ago. To be back, there would be a number of new and old to return the player getting an experience live event which did not the exact place where the Risky reels is in Fortnite Chapter 2.

For that reason why you should find the Risky Reels. Although the event has passed but any new event possibly will be coming soon again for future in Risky Reels with different agenda. So, if you already know the place where the Risky Reels is, you will find it a bit difficult to find it.

Where is Risky Reels in Fortnite Chapter 2?

When you log in to Fortnite since the Chapter 2 releases, we are sure that you will remember the Risky Reels. At the beginning, the Risky Reels was located at the top on the north side of the map, but now it was replaced by The Block.

In fact, Risky Reels returned for Fortnite Chapter 2, but it is not named located. So, you can see the location by opening the Fortnite map in game. Then, the Risky Reels now is located west of Frenzy Farm and north east of Salty Springs.

At the event one year ago, Risky Reels has been transformed for the Star Wars event over the past few days. You could jump out the Battle Bus, then heading towards Risky Reels. You will notice the large F sign along with a large countdown timer.

You may remember that head in game to Risky Reels will take half an hour before the event started. The event began at 2 P.M ET, so, you have to find the Risky Reels before it.

Why do explain the last event?

In fact, there are many newcomers of Fortnite which do not know the exact place named Risky Reels. So, we are here to help them find it. Perhaps, the new-next event will be coming soon again in this year or further.

So, it will make you lose by knowing the location where the Risky Reels is.

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