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In Fortnite, you may want to play a game in a competitive zone. Indeed, playing in competition is such a way for you to know your skill in your level. Then, you can also know to increase your skill through the competition. When you are playing with others in a competition, you are absolutely able to learn the best gameplay from others.

Of course, your dream to play in a competition is coming true. In fact, you are allowed to play in a competition in the Fortnite game. The competition zone in Fortnite is called Arena Mode.

Moreover, Arena is a competitive Fortnite mode that you can play in Fortnite Battle Royale. The Arena mode was introduced with the v8.20 update. This mode is played in Solo, Duo, Trios or Squads.

Through Arena mode, you will have a chance to get a spot in major online and offline competitions to earn the prize money.

Arena mode will offer you a great way to compete with other players to show off their skill in a pro game setting. It means this mode is always available for every player, unlike Tournament or Events that requires you to fill the conditional rules.

But, it does not mean that the Arena can be played by players without any rules. Certainly, there are still any rules that the players should have. One of them is about your level in Fortnite.

Then, what account level do you have to play Fortnite in Arena Mode?

In this case, if you really want to play Fortnite in Arena mode, of course, you must be in level 15. Then, if you do not reach level 15, you automatically cannot play Fortnite in this mode. So, the main thing that you need to do is to reach the level 12 as soon as possible to get Arena mode.

In this case, the account level means all the levels that you get during every season. It means that if you were level 100 in Season 5 and level 50 in Season 6, so, your total season level would be 150.

In Arena mode, the players have a rank represented by their division. Every player should start in the Open League, Division One. Then, they are able to rank up to Division 10 which is the Champion Division III by accepting points called Hype.

Hype here means points that you get for placement or kills. The points are obtained depending on the number of eliminations as they get and their placement in each match. Of course, obtaining a certain number of Hype points in some matches will allow the players to continue to the next Division or League.

Arena Division and Leagues

Here are the divisions of Arena mode:

  • Divisions 1 – 4: Open League
  • Divisions 4 – 7: Contender League
  • Divisions 8 – 10: Champion League

Well, the Arena mode is a gorgeous mode for everyone who wants to improve their skill in Fortnite. Then, it is also a way to play Fortnite with other players who are at the same skill level as them.  So, grab it now!

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