Weird Symbols for Fortnite Names

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Fortnite is an online Battle Royale game which was developed and published by Epic Games in 2017. The game has two modes like Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite Creative. When it comes to the fancy cartoonish or animated characters, the Fortnite players also want to have a cool outfit, weapons, and weird or cool usernames.

If you are one of them and want to get the special character and symbols in the Fortnite Name, check this simple guide.At the same time, all the interested Fortnite players may have already seen that many other players use special characters in the profile username. Also, you may have asked how did they get it or how can I get a username like this. If yes, you are in the right place. The answer is very simple that you are able to do this. So, let us get into it.


In case, you are a PC user and aware of making a special character-based and weird symbolic username in Fortnite Name by using your keyboard shortcuts or using word file, then you are able to copy and paste the username. But if in case, you want to get an unlimited list of special characters, you are able to check out some of the useful websites online like or any other site. After you have done and selected your preferred symbolic or special characterized name, do the following steps correctly.

  • First of all, you are able to copy the created name on your PC.
  • Please head over to Epic Games site > Log in to the account.
  • Then, you have to click on the username from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • After that, you are able to click on Account > Go to the General / Personal Info tab.
  • Now, you have to click on the Display Name to edit.
  • Please paste the created name or you are also able to type it.
  • Please re-enter the new name.
  • Afterwards, you have to check the ‘I understand I cannot change my display name again for 2 weeks after this change’ box to proceed.
  • Now, you are able to click on Confirm to save changes.
  • Finally, you are done. Now, you have successfully changed the Fortnite display name to a special character and weird symbolic name.

Well, the text above is an explanation to get a special character and weird symbolic username in Fortnite Name. Actually, there are still many other symbols for Fortnite names. If you want to find out other symbols for Fortnite names, you are able to read other articles on our website. Or you are also able to search for other sources. Make sure that you use unique symbols for your Fortnite name. In addition, if you have any questions regarding symbols for Fortnite, you are able to send us an email for assistance or comment below.

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