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What kind of username do you want to have in Fortnite? You are able to make any username that you want there. But, how about weird letters? Is it possible for us to use weird letters for Fortnite username? You can do it but it seems that you need the help of some other sites.

If you want to have weird letters in your Fortnite username, you have to get help from websites which provide you weird letters. One of the sites that you are able to use is Lingojam. In the Lingojam site, you will have two boxes.The left box is where you have to enter the letters that you are looking for and the right box is for the result. So, you just have to enter the letters that you are looking for in the left box and then automatically you will be able to see the result in the right box.

You may have seen other Fortnite players using weird letters or symbols so now you can also do that by using Lingojam site. There, you are able to get special characters and symbols so that you will be able to have a unique username with a bunch of fancy characters. When you type the letters in the left box, the result will appear in the right box. The result is not one but so many of them so that you are able to choose which letters that you think cool for your username.

How to apply these weird letters and symbols to Fortnite? In Lingojam, there are more than 100,000 letters/ characters/ symbols to choose and you are able to pick and choose the ones that you like. The page of the site allows you to be able to convert normal characters into various symbol “fonts” that you are able to use to create a unique Fortnite or Epic Games username. Even though the converter of the letters is named Fortnite Fonts but you need to know that it is not only for Fortnite. It can also be used for other different purposes even just for commenting on Youtube or any other things.

Besides this site, there is also Fortnite Fonts Generator which can be accessed at The use of this generator is also easy as the previous site that we explained. In this Fortnite Fonts Generator, you just have to copy or type the letters that you want and then press the Generate button there. In the right box, there will appear the result of the letters that you search.

The result is not only one, but there are a lot of options so that you can choose the one that you like. Then, you can copy the result of the letters that you like and paste it in your Fortnite Display Name section in the Personal Detail page.
Now, you are able to try to search the letters that you want for your Fortnite username. Make sure that it is cool for you and good luck!

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