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One of the challenges that you have to complete in the Fortnite Season 9 Week 8 is to visit different clocks. You need to know the locations of each clock so that you are able to successfully complete this challenge. However, some players says that it is not working when they try to visit one of the different clocks.

If you want to complete this challenge, you have to make sure that you visit the right place. If not, you may visit a place with a clock there but actually the clock that you have found does not count to this challenge to complete. So, where are the exact places to visit to be able to find the clocks in Fortnite season 9 week 8?

The exact places that you have to visit to be able to find the right clocks for completing this challenge is listed below.

  • Junk Junction Clock

Tilted Towers was rebuilt to be made into the futuristic Neo Tilted. However, the remains from Tilted Towers including the damage clock tower was moved to Junk Junction. Do you think that there is no clock in Junk Junction? Well, you are wrong. There is no functioning clock there but there is an old busted one. The look of it is similar to the one in Happy Helmet but it is not looking hot.

  • Neo Tilted Clock

At the end of Season 8, the volcanic rocks smashed the clock tower in Tilted Towers. Then, when it was rebuilt to make Neo Tilted, there is a new futuristic looking clock which was added. You are able to visit it now to get it. The futuristic clock tower is on the south western side of Neo Tilted and you may have visited here to get a Fortbyte.

  • South West Of Paradise Palms Clock

Over west of Paradise Palms, you will be able to see a big mountain plateau area with a big sundial clock on it. You are able to land there to get credit for one of the clocks.

Do you try to find a clock for this challenge on another place? According to some other sources, it is said that you are also able to find a clock in Happy Helmet. You are able to find it in the clock tower in the middle of the location. However, you need to know that this clock does not register as one of the clocks that you have to find to complete this challenge. So, when you access Happy Helmet and then find the clock, you will see that it is not working as one of clocks to be completed. So, the three clock areas in the list above are the only locations that work for the challenge.

On Youtube, you are able to watch some videos showing that clocks in Happy Helmet is not working. Here they are.

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