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TSM Daequan is currently dating someone? What is the name of his girlfriend? The name of his girlfriend is Exie. Exie lives with him. The girl also helps him with preparing content for his channel, such as video thumbnails.

TSM Daequan revealed on Twitter another life bump that he is facing right now. The post said that both his team members and gaming community have already expressed their support in this trying time.

The Twitch streamer took to Twitter to reveal that his girlfriend named Exie got a serious health condition which he even described as life-threatening. The thing gets worse, because despite going to numerous doctors and specialists, they still cannot figure out what the illness is. This prompted him to call out the CBS TV show called The Doctors and its host named Travis Stork as he needs answers, adding that it has low-key taken its toll on his mental state.

As soon as TSM Daequan revealed the condition, friends, fellow gamers, and the other content creators sent out their love and support to the streamer. In line with this, a person down in the comments pointed out that there is a Netflix show dubbed Diagnosis. It is where they help people to find a diagnosis and possibly a cure for the mysterious illnesses that they have. For the uninitiated, this one is based on the New York Times column of Dr. Lisa Sanders of the same name.

Aside from that, TSM Daequan also had his share of mysterious sickness as the player revealed that he has been suffering from what he calls random health issues. One of them is a spine related issue where he has been experiencing some pain on his back and headache.

Furthermore, the streamer explained that he had undergone some tests for the past five years, though all of it came back negative. Albeit the results, the sickness is all too weird for him, not to mention that it radiates up to the neck of him. In addition, he even mentioned the pain that he had been experiencing on both his stomach and chest.

Months later, TSM Daequan also uploaded a 20-minute video where he basically explained his absence from Twitch. In the video, this one revealed that he has lost some of his family members to illnesses and friends as the result of gun violence. The man even recalled the time when her girlfriend contracted E. Coli and the guilt that went alongside it as he encouraged her to seek medical treatment, even though it made her condition even worse. That said, it is not certain if this is connected to the current condition of his girlfriend.

Despite all the things, TSM Deaquan remained strong and ended the video on a positive note and expressed his eagerness to play or stream more games. fortunately, the former professional Fortnite player still uploads videos from time to time over on his Youtube channel where he features gameplays from the said battle royale shooter.

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