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There are a lot of TFT cheat sheets floating on the internet. One of them was shared by a Twitter account named Scarra. For those who are not familiar with Scarra, he is the Ex- League of Legends Championship Series. The man is one of the most popular figures when it comes to TFT.

The TFT cheat sheet Scarra is divided into two. The first one is called Origins. It includes Demon (30% (2), 50% (4), 70% (6) on hit to burn all of the current mana of the target, dealing true damage equal to mana burned), Dragon (Dragons are immune to Magic Damage (2)), Exile (exiles start with a shield equal to 100% max HP when placed adjacent to no other units (1)), Glacial (25% (2), 35% (4), 45% (6) on hit to stun for 2s), Robot (Robots start combat with full mana (1)), Imperial (Double Damage for one (2), all (4) Imperials), Nobile (+100 Armor and heal 35 on hit for random ally (3), team (6)), Ninja (Exactly (1): +40 attack damage for your Ninjas, Exactly (4): +60% attack damage to Ninjas), Pirate (You earn up to 4 additional gold from each VPV round (3)), Phantom (Curse an enemy at the start of combat, setting their HP to 100 (2)), Wild (Each unit’s attacks give them Fury (5 stack cap). Starts give 8% attack speed. For Wild (2) for team (4)), Void (Your team’s attacks ignore 50% of enemy Armor (3)), and Yordle (Attacks against your Yordles have a 20% (3), 50% (6) chance to miss).

The second one is known as Classes. It includes Assassin (+150% (3), 350% (6) crate damage for Assassins), Blademaster (35% chance on hit for Blademasters to attack one (3), two (6) extra times), Brawler (+300 (2), +700 (4) health to Brawlers), Elementalist (Each combat, summon an Elemental (3)), Guardian (+30 Armor to Guardians and allies that start combat adjacent to them (2)), Gunslinger (50% chance on attack to attack one additional (2), all (4) targets in range), Knight (Knights block 20 (2), 40 (4), 80 (6) damage from basic attacks), Ranger (Every 3s, Rangers have a 25% (2), 65% (4) chance to double their attack speed for 3s), Shapeshifter (On transform gain 100% max HP (3)), and Sorcerer (+35 AP (3), +100 AP (6) to Team).

Aside from the TFT cheat sheet, Scarra also shared the items cheat sheet that is divided into B.F Sword (+20 Attack Damage), Recurve Bow (+20% Attack Speed), Chain Vest (+20 Armor), Negatron Cloak (+20 Magic Resist), Needl. Large Rod (+20% Spell Damage), Tear of the Goddess (+20 starting mana), Giant’s Belt (+200 Health), and Spatula.

If you want to know more about TFT cheat sheet Scarra, it is better for you to visit the official Twitter account of him. If you want to get the information about the TFT cheat sheet regularly and want to get the latest update, please follow his account. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to the team of Scarra through

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