Sweaty Fortnite Names Not Taken

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Fortnite is known as the name of a popular third-person shooter gaming phenomenon developed by Epic Games. This one is available for a wide range of game consoles. The game has spawned everything from family game nights to huge scale tournaments. The Battle Royale mode of the game is able to host up to 100 players who are trying to be the sole survivor and winner.

100 players are a lot. Having up to 100 players in the game is hard and can make some people confused, especially when everything tends to look the same. If you want to make your username to stand out among the crowds, you must change your Fortnite username. To make it stand out, using the unique username is recommended. One of the unique things are sweaty usernames.

Here are some of the sweaty Fortnite names that you can consider:

  1. Lofi
  2. Xans
  3. Kukhi
  4. Woke
  5. Chanz
  6. Vise
  7. Ryne
  8. Dropz
  9. Choxie
  10. Aquaz
  11. Quan
  12. Flicks
  13. Styx (Sticks)
  14. Zinx
  15. Spamz
  16. Sux
  17. Capz
  18. Chimpz
  19. Squintz
  20. Rypz
  21. Chiyx (Chicks)
  22. Smovz
  23. Brokez
  24. Qotz
  25. Slamz
  26. Braex

Those sweaty Fortnite names listed above were taken from a video on a Youtube channel called Team Cloud. This video was uploaded on the platform on April 22, 2020. Since the first time it’s upload, it has earned 134,610 views and 1.9k likes.

Upon the writing of the article, the sweaty Fortnite names above were not taken by anyone. However, some or all of them might be taken now. In order to check it, you can just go to the video and see the comment section. Usually, people leave a comment saying that they have used the username hence the usernames are taken. However, not everyone leaves a comment under a video to notify that the username has been taken. In this case, you can just try any sweaty Fortnite names listed above and see if the name is taken. If it is taken, you will not be able to use it and will be asked to insert the new one.

Then, how to change your username to the sweaty name? In order to change the Fortnite username, the first thing that you have to do is to visit the PERSONAL INFO page of your account. Then, type the username that you want in the box labeled DISPLAY NAME. As you want to have a sweaty Fortnite name, then you can just type or paste the sweaty Fortnite name. After that, scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE CHANGES. If you face some difficulties while changing your Fortnite name, it is better for you to reach out to the representative of Epic Games. Another thing that you can do when you are in the hard time is to seek help from the community of Fortnite, the place where the players of Fortnite gather.

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