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The Creative mode of Fortnite is the perfect sandbox to flex your creative muscles. This one is also a great place to check out what the others have come up with. With the incredible popularity of Fortnite, there are a lot of great custom creations available to play around with. You can just simply go to a featured rift, hold down and press the Set Island Code button, and enter the code to start playing.

To narrow down your options when it comes to the Creative maps and the codes, it is better for you to choose what you want to play. For example, if you love the battle between the sniper and the runners, you can just look for the codes of them using the keyword “snipers vs runners”.

Here are some codes of the map with snipers vs runners that you can use:

1. Snipers and Runners by imthegaps

Snipers and Runners is a Fortnite sniper mini game. The map was created in Creative mode on the game. Each sniper has to kill the runners while they are trying to finish a lap on this cool map. This one version is bigger and better with 5 biomes. The code of it is 1412-5167-7412

2. Snipers vs Runners by BLUDRIVE

Whether you love using sniper weapons, evading sniper fire, or both, there is plenty to love about the Sniper vs Runners by BLUEDRIVE. In the game, Team 1 will play the runners and Team 2 will play the snipers. If the runners make it to the last one, they win. A portion of the course will be shown in the game. The code of it is 7352-4203-8482.

Gamers have always loved sniper only game modes in different popular games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty. For those who are interested in the sniper only maps, here is the list of the codes. Feel free to try any map that you think is the best.

  • Sniper Arena Chinatown: 0630-6697-7768
  • AWP Lego: 4265-3743-2329
  • Winter Sniper Shootout: 0664-7667-3518
  • CallMeCypher’s FFA Snipes2092-4164-5943
  • Sniper Rubik Park5350-2369-0495
  • LilMidgXT Sniper Arena Map5462-3152-9374
  • Jungle Volcano Sniper: 3242-3253-3000
  • Underwater Sniper FFA: 6511-0064-6813

CallMeCypher’s FFA Snipes is free. It is such an awesome one for some sniping fun. The map has not only a cool sniper arena, but also filled with bouncers and the other structures that make you jump around the map for a thrilling time. The Fortnite user called CallMeCypher is the creator of the map.

Jungle Volcano Sniper is such an awesome sniper-only map that takes places in a fiery volcano landscape. This one is a FFA map, where each player spawns with 60 hp, making each shot a one-shot. The creator of the map is SNGMath.

Underwater Sniper FFA is a very unique sniper-only FFA map in Fortnite Creative map. This one takes place underwater with decreased gravity. The map is definitely the one to check out if you love sniper-only maps. It is created by KHUBEB86YT.

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