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If you want to test your skills, you are able to hop into a match of Arena. There, you will be placed against other competitive players. But, if you want to join a match, you must meet the level requirements. So, you need to know the level that you must have to be able to play Arena in Fortnite.

If you want to play Arena in Fortnite, you have to reach Level 15. If not, you will get a message saying that your account does not meet the requirements and this message will pop up when you try to join an Arena match in Fortnite. So, if you want to play Arena in Fortnite, the thing that you need to know first is what level you are in now. To know the level that you have now, you are able to find it on the right hand side of the Play screen on the main menu.

If you have not reached Level 15 yet, you will have to gain more XP before you are able to play for an Arena match. You do not have to be worried whether getting more XP will be hard or not because actually it is easy. If you need more XP, it can easily be achieved by completing a couple of challenges because they offer 40,000 XP per challenge.

Also, while you are playing, you will also earn metals for surviving the storm, outlasting other players and even fishing. If you are able to focus on completing challenges and getting medals, then you will be able to reach Level 15 in only several hours. Sometimes there are event missions and you will get experience from it. These kinds of missions will also help you in getting level 15.

If you want to make a new Fortnite account and you want to reach Level 15 in that new account, you are able to use the mode of Team Rumble to pump to Level 15. It is because of some reasons as explained below.

  • The first reason is the highest average points per game. You do not have to take care of the position, you will always earn 300-400 experience per match.
  • The second reason why you should use the mode of Team Rumble is you do not spoil your statistics, because “Team Rumble” matches are not considered in the general statistics.
  • The third reason is you have to note that in this mode, you are able to stand afk with impunity. However, it is not recommended for you to do this. It is because you are given extra points for murder and victory.

So, you are able to play about 20 games to get level 15. And then, you will be able to play in the Arena. If you think that this way is very long, then buying a Battle Pass and performing 6 challenges in any 3-4 weeks can be your option. The experience that you will gain will be enough to get level 15. Access Fortnite now and play in Arena.

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