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An exciting and fun subgenre of creative maps in the game called Fortnite is dropper maps. They are the ones that require you to dodge obstacles in the air while dropping from a platform. Recently, they have become quite popular.

Among them, there are two dropper maps related to the rainbow. For those who are looking for the rainbow dropper code, here is the list.

1. Hewny’s Rainbow Dropper or Rainbow Dropper 2.0 (0196-4943-5490)

Do you remember the original dropper maps in the game called Minecraft? Well, they are able to be found in Fortnite now and one of the best is called Hewny’s Rainbow Dropper map. It is 10 levels of multicoloured, increasingly hard drops where you need to essentially get to the bottom in a smooth motion, then land on the launch pad. This one is harder than it sounds.

Rainbow Dropper 2.0 is the name of the classic map within the dropper community. This colorful one filled with colors and rainbows that will test your skill while giving you a visual experience.

2. Nate’s Rainbow Dropper (2357-6984-2298)

Nate’s Rainbow Dropper is a really great mix of difficulty and some beautiful layouts. In the map, you will be able to see a few pretty crazy things, with a great eye color and layout. All of them are tough drops, but worth it just to check out some of the amazing visuals that have been put together. The most interesting part of this map is that there is one oddly out of place level that features some destructed looking roads and cement. While all the other levels have visual flare to them, this one in certain sticks out in an otherwise really well-done pack.

To try the rainbow dropper maps above, the first thing that you have to do is to login to Creative mode. Then, select the option Set Island Code which is located near a rift on the Creative Islands. The next thing that should be done is to set the code. After that, please enter the island. Once you enter it, you will have to select Start Game from the options menu in order to start the run.

A lot of maps in the Fortnite Creative mode seem to have origins in Minecraft. The dropper ones are no different and have shown up in the game after a successful stint in the block building game. That is not a knock on either game, it is great that fun mini-game from elsewhere are able to thrive in the game.

The main objective of the dropper maps is to reach the goal without being eliminated. It might seem easy, but actually executing this can be quite hard. It is called reaching the goal because not every dropper map is about dropping down. Sometimes, you will find yourself moving upwards and having to avoid obstacles. There are a lot of different and interesting ways to make a dropper and the creative players of Fortnite have pulled out all of the stops.

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