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We here highly recommend you enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Why? Of course, you will get any benefits when you enable this Fortnite feature. We guess that you want to play Fortnite safely even if you have joined Fortnite for a long time. You surely want to keep your account safe from unwanted things which may suddenly happen.

As one of the hottest games in the world, of course, it is no wonder if many hackers get started to play a bad deed stealing a gold-treasure from Fortnite. How can?

Certainly, you already know that Fortnite provides many features such as outfits, cosmetics, harvesting tools and many other items. Of course, those are such a chance for many hackers to steal them. Then, the best way that the hackers can get them is to infiltrate the Fortnite players’ accounts. Without doing it, they totally cannot get a chance to do the unfair things at all.

So, we here emphasize you to protect your account in Fortnite. Then, how to do it?

Nowadays, there is a hot topic talked about by almost all Fortnite players. The topic is definitely related to one of the gorgeous Fortnite features that help the players to protect their account safe and secure.

The 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication is a feature that can be used to protect the players’ account from any security breaches. Of course, to get this awesome feature in Fortnite, you should make it active before.

Then, to make the 2FA feature active in Fortnite, you just take some easy ways at all. You may already know that the 2FA is an optional sign-in feature which can offer you an awesome additional security for your Fortnite account. So, it is required that you have to enable it first.

When you enable it well, of course, when you sign in using your password, you will have a security code for one use, over a short period of the time. In addition, this security code will be sent to you through the verification method that you choose in your account settings.

At least, there are three methods that you can face to get the security code, they are Authenticator Apps, SMS authentication and verify your email. Of course, make sure that you choose one of them to get the security code.

To enable the 2FA feature, here are the ways that you do:

  • First, go to this site
  • Then, on your profile account, find the Password and Security tab.
  • After that, scroll the page down until you find those three methods.
  • Choose one of them. Then, follow the next steps until you are done enabling the 2FA Fortnite feature.

Of course, there are some rules that you will be prompted for the 2FA feature to get the security code. They are:

  • When you log in by using your new devices
  • When the first time you log in after you enable the feature.
  • If you recently cleared your browser cache and cookies
  • If it has been over 30 days since you last log in.

So, you ensure to remember the rules above to make the 2FA active well. Good Luck!!!

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