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Preston Blaine Arsement, who was known as PrestonPlays, refers to an American Youtuber who produces mostly Minecraft gaming content, though he has also branched out to video games Roblox and Fortnite Battle Royale on his PrestonMobile and YBNRFrags channels as well.

He has four brothers and a sister. Apart from playing with his friends, the player usually plays the game with his siblings, especially his little brother named Joshua or Josh. You will be able to find a lot of videos of him playing with Josh uploaded on his Youtube channels.

Fortnite World’s Best 13 Years Old! 1 Kill = 4,000 Free Bucks is one of the videos of Prestonplayz featuring Josh. In this video, Preston gives Josh a challenge to give 4,000 for every kill he gets. His little brother takes the challenge from his big brother. Unlike the other videos of him and Josh, in this video, he sits behind his little brother while praying so his brother cannot complete the challenge, meaning his bank account is not really in danger.

Unfortunately, not even a minute, Josh gets to kill one and he secures 4,000 bucks. A minute later, his little brother gets his second kills and his bucks add to 8,000 bucks. In less than three minutes, the boy gains three kills. Fast forward to the end of the video, Josh gets 17 kills in total, equals to 68,000 bucks. In the end, Josh gets #1 Victory Royale, meaning Preston needs to transfer 68,000 bucks to his little brother. Preston looks really dissatisfied with the result as he needs to share some bucks to his brother. On the other hand, he also looks so proud of his little brother as he is probably the best player amongst people at 13 years old.

Even though Josh is his step brother, Preston seems to adore him a lot. As stated before, they often play games together as well as spending time doing a lot of activities. You are able to visit the Youtube channels such as Preston, TBNRFRags, PrestonGames, PrestonMobile, and PrestonPlayz to see more interaction between these two.

For those who are not familiar with Josh, he is his brother from his biological mother and an adoptive father who married when he was three months old. Preston loves his adoptive father as well as his siblings. Even so, he also said that he loves to meet his biological father if there is a chance.

Talking about the adoptive father and the siblings of Prestonplays, all of them run their own channels named KeeleyElise, TbnrCJ, and PapaFrags. Lando, a cousin of his, also runs a Youtube channel called Landon, originally a Minecraft based channel but was changed to strictly Fortnite and vlogs. If you watch all his stuff, you can see that Preston has a very good relationship with his whole family. Preston currently lives in a condo in Dallas, Texas, the United States, near the rest of his family. He is married to Brianna Page Barnhart in May of 2018.

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