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One of the game modes that you are able to enjoy in Fortnite is Creative mode. In this mode, you are able to control the creation of your private islands for others to experience. Your friends are able to visit your island and you are able to set permissions to determine whether your friends can edit or build while visiting.

Other players who want to visit someone’s map in Creative mode must have the code. Talking about map code, is there any map that you want to play in Fortnite Creative? Do you want to play a Nuketown map? If you want to play on this map, you need to know the code of the map.

There are some Nuketown maps in Fortnite that you are able to explore. We provide the list of the Nuketown maps below including the code of each map.

  • Nuketown map. This is an original Nuketown map which was made by Zrkglitcher. The code for this island is 5563-4662-8507.
  • Its4G’s FFA Nuketown Map. This map was created by YOUTUBEITS4G. This is a recreation of the iconic cod map Nuketown. The code for this map is 7022-9067-1317.
  • Nuketown Zombies. This map was created by Jacktheripperjm. This is a remake of the classic cod Nuketown Zombies. The code for this map is 2865-9721-1133.
  • Nuketown V2 map. This map was created by Zrkglitcher. The code for this map is 7576-5344-8228.
  • Nuketown Reimagined map. This map was created by Jesgran. The code for this map is 3018-0674-7427.
  • Nuketown – Gun Game map. This map was also created by Jesgran. The code for this map is 6722-4469-6989.

Actually, Nuketown is an iconic multiplayer map which is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty Online, and Call of Duty: Mobile. This map has heavy emphasis on extremely close-quarters combat. Now, in Fortnite Creative mode, you have a lot of possibilities to make any maps including a recreation of the Nuketown map of Call of Duty. In Fortnite Creative mode, players are permitted to be able to use the tools in the game to be able to come up with anything from their imagination.

Some players of Fortnite take the inspiration from other games and bring them into Fortnite. One of them is Nuketown map from Call of Duty. Nuketown map is known for its frantic and fast-paced action.

One of the Nuketown maps, as you are able to see in the list above, is a map from Jesgran. The Nuketown map that is created by Jesgran is completely playable and the game mode that you will play in that map is Gun Game. It means that each elimination that you get on a player  will automatically upgrade your weapon until you are able to finish things off with the Mythic Goldfish. Surely, it will reward you with loads of chaotic fun as you return to your old stomping grounds.

If you are curious how the Nuketown by Jesgran is, you are able to use the code. If you have put the code in, then you will be teleported to the map. You can also try other Nuketown maps that are listed above and then you are able to decide which one your favorite is.

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