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This page consists of the Lol Teamfight Tactics guide. This guide is meant to help you to understand the fundamentals of how this game mode plays, what you should or should not be doing if you do want to play and win games more effortlessly.

What exactly is Teamfight Tactic or TFT? Teamfight Tactic or TFT is the name of an Auto Battler in the form of chess. You will place your units on the board and they fight for you without you being able to control them outside of placements. It is all about strategy and utilizing what you are given to win the game.

8 players will fight through some stages throughout the duration of the game, positioning, organizing and competing against one another to be the winner. Understanding everything about the game is really important if you want to climb high. You will find yourself becoming really strategist, in this fast-paced game mode, be it via the shop, drops or simple Al. With further ado, let us get right into the basics of how this game works, and how you are able to start improving yourself to own.

Unlike the other Auto Battlers, Teamfight Tactic or TFT offers something new to the mixture. The offer is a unique mechanic named the Carousel. Basically, it is a safe haven where after a couple of PvP or PvE battles, two players each in order from last place to the first one acquire a unit based on galaxy.

It is really important throughout the game, but crucial when you begin the new game. The first Carousel is important because it is able to be the decider on what you get later on in the game based on the unit that you select, or the item that you have selected. You are able to sell the unit and replace them for a better one that fits into your future build, while keeping the one to give to the other units who are able to utilize its full potential. It does not matter if you are in the first, in the last, or in between, you always have a short at a certain champion or item. This one does help to lose some games on purpose if you really have to be the first, at the expense of HP. It is a great strategy when playing the carousal.

In Teamfight Tactic or TFT, there is a thing called galaxy Mechanic. Talking about galaxy Mechanic, it is something specifically unique to set three with a #% chance of happening. You are aware that you are in one of these Galaxies if the stage displays the indicator for that galaxy, which you will soon memorize. In short, the icon on the carousal or the icon beside the (x)-(x) stage tells you which galaxy you are in, if you are in one.

If you want to understand better about Teamfight Tactic or TFT, please read a lot and do not forget to join the community.

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