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Grab a lovely free emote by turning on Two-Factor Authentication. Then, why should you turn on Two-Factor Authentication? What will you get by doing it? In Fortnite, you are allowed to keep your account more safe and secure. Indeed, there are many facts which report to Epic Games that there are lots of unwanted things happening in Fortnite, one of them is the existence of hackers.

Hackers in all games totally make many players so distressful. However, hackers will do anything in your game through your account login. The most horrible thing about hacker existence is that they have a chance to sell your-game account. So please stop their bad deeds in your game!

Of course, you can totally stop the hackers from stealing your account in Fortnite. Recently, Epic Games released a new awesome feature that allows the players to secure their Fortnite account.

The new feature is Two-Factor Authenticator (or well-known as 2FA). The 2FA is one of the hottest topics talked about by many Fortnite players. Why not? This feature is totally useful to keep your account safe.

In this case, Two-Factor Authentication comes to protect all players’ accounts in Fortnite. In addition, the 2FA can be used to help players to keep their account from any security breaches.

Certainly, to get the 2FA feature in Fortnite, you have to make it active. It means that you are totally able to make your Fortnite account secure if you enable it before. Without enabling it, don’t hope that you can get a security of your Fortnite account.

Then, if you type https // enable on your browser, of course, you will be directed into the page in which you can enable it easily. Need to know that to enable the 2FA feature, you do not have to take the hard ways at all.

Due to enabling the 2FA is so easy, you absolutely can enable it anytime. So, how to enable the 2FA feature?

The main thing that you need to recognize is that the 2FA feature relates to the Password and Security tab in Fortnite settings. So, to make the 2FA enable is to ensure that you access this tab. Then, to access it, of course, you need to log into your Fortnite account.

Then, you will be directed to your Fortnite profile. On this page, you can choose the Password and Security tab at the right side of your profile. After that, find the Two-Factor Authentication in this tab. There are three options that you can choose to enable the 2FA.

  • Enable Authenticator App
  • Enable SMS Authentication
  • Enable Email Authentication

Of course, you can choose one as you desire. Generally, you are allowed to download and install the Authenticator App to enable the 2FA.

Sometimes, you will be asked to Verify Your Email sent to your email. So please, follow the ways depending on what method you take in three-options above.

Certainly, when you succeed to enable the 2FA, at least there will be a notification that informs you the 2FA is enabled. Make sure that you follow the ways well.

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