How to Unlock Tony Stark in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

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Tony Stark’s Awakening Challenge is out now. We guess that Tony Stark is one of your favorite superheroes in Marvel, don’t you? If so, it is not strange because Tony Stark has huge fans all over the world as his action in Marvel: Avengers Movie. Well, he successfully attracted many people, especially Marvel lovers  to watch him in the movie.

After Tony Stark came to Fortnite, of course he recently became the hot topic among Fortnite players. However, it can be a parameter that there are lots of Fortnite players who really desire to get anything related to Tony Stark.

Since he appeared in the Marvel Avengers movie, Tony Stark already has an inviting and enchanting look. Definitely, it is not in vain that Tony Stark will be staged in Fortnite as one of hot-gorgeous Fortnite characters that you can unlock. That’s why Tony Stark came to Fortnite very fast.

Then, do you already unlock Tony Stark and are available in your locker?

If you do not know yet how to unlock Tony Stark in Fortnite, you do not have to worry. We guarantee that many other Fortnite players  have not yet this Marvel Superhero in their locker. So, you are not alone for this case. Then, it is not too late if you want to unlock Tony Stark’s skin in this season.

Well, we are here to give you some ways of how to unlock Tony Stark in Fortnite. Of course, to unlock Tony Stark, there is a smart and easy way to do.

How to Unlock Tony Stark in Fortnite

You can see in Marvel Movie that Tony Stark comes wearing glasses without an Iron Man outfit. That’s totally Tony Stark at all!

Then, to unlock Tony Stark skin in Fortnite, you absolutely need to complete some Awakening Challenges that come to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. To get Tony Stark skin, at least you have to reach Battle Pass Tier 93. As Tony Stark, it does mean that you are Iron Man.

However, it cannot be denied that Tony Stark is Iron Man. Of course, you can see both visuals in Fortnite. At the beginning, you can see Tony Stark. Then, how to see Iron Man? Certainly, there are some challenges that you have to complete in order to get the transformation Tony Stark to Iron Man.

In Awakening challenges, you also need to complete Tony Stark challenges. The challenge here is to unlock Iron Man skin. Then, to unlock Iron Man skin, you also need to reach Tier 100 and complete some challenges as follow:

  • Reach 88mph in a Whiplash Vehicle
  • Use an Upgrade Bench
  • Emote in Stark WorkShop

Once you complete all of the challenges above, you absolutely can unlock Iron Man skin in Fortnite. That’s so easy, isn’t it?

Well, to obtain a Tony Stark suit, you will need to use a phone booth, deal damage with pistols of different rarities. Finally, you are able to use an emote after getting an elimination all while using Tony Stark skin.

Congratulations!!! You get Tony Stark and head to unlock Iron Man skin soon!

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