How to Throw Thor’s Hammer in Fortnite Mobile

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The Season 4 of Fortnite has arrived with a lot of new changes in the map and it seems like the superheroes of Marvel have captured a lot of locations of the known as flooded map in the past. However, the new look and feel of the Battle Royale and Fortnite Map have mesmerized a lot of players.

The most interesting thing for tons of players of the gaming community is the new Battle Pass skins as weapons. It is the reason why a lot of players who love to get Battle Pass skins and weapons are curious about the Fortnite Thor’s hammer or Fortnite Mjolnir challenge. For those who are wondering the same, then please read the whole article.

The Fortnite Mjolnir challenge has been one of the most interesting challenges in the Battle Pass of the newest season. A lot of players of the game must have observed that the Battle Pass Season 4 of Fortnite will give you a Thor Comic Character skin as soon as you buy it. However, in order to get many skins and weapons such as Mjolnir in this game, you have to get higher up in the tier. This mission is at level 8, where you have to prove your worth by picking up the Mjolnir as Thor. The question is, do you know how to pick up the hammer of Thor?

Mjolnir or the hammer of Thor is located south of Salty Springs in a crater. Aside from that, there is also a small house that is able to be found in the west of the crater where players are able to land and gear up. They will want to have a weapon when visiting the hammer as there will be a few other players nearby. Even if they are not visiting this weapon, Salty Springs is a hot one so there will be the other players within the vicinity of the hammer.

Once the hammer has been added to your game, the Mjolnir challenge states you need to prove worth by picking up Mjolnir as Thor, so be sure you have the Thor skin equipped on your character. All that you have to do then is to go to the marked location and follow the Pick Up prompt in order to add this harvesting tool to your inventory but please keep in mind that unless you equipped it alongside the Thor skin, it will just disappear as the Default Pickaxe instead, as there is only one who is worthy to get it.

After you have completed the challenge, you can take the Fortnite Thor challenge that requires you to visit the Bifrost rune marks. For those who are not familiar with it, you will find them on a hill which is to the east of the Weeping Woods, beside a small log cabin. When you approach it, the mission will be marked as complete. Then, you need to deal a total of 100 damage with the Mjolnir pickaxe. The easiest method is eliminating an enemy with a regular weapon. You need to proceed the use of the hammer to deal damage to the knocked player.

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