How to Sell Your Fortnite Account on Ebay

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Ebay is one of the marketplaces which people around the world use for buying and selling things. If you access eBay, you are able to see any kinds of products are available there. Even, you are able to find a Fortnite account for sale in this marketplace.

So, can we sell our Fortnite account on EBay? If we can sell it, how to sell it on eBay?

If you want to sell something on eBay, you need to have an eBay account. If you do not have it, you are able to make it first. If you have registered an eBay account, then you are able to create a listing for the item that you want to sell. After that, when you complete your listing, you will be asked to add an Automatic payment method which you will use to pay eBay fees.

So, after knowing how to sell things on eBay, can we sell Fortnite accounts on eBay? The answer is no. You are not able to sell Fortnite accounts on eBay or in any other marketplaces. Even though you have seen that there are a lot of Fortnite accounts which are sold in marketplaces, however, this action is forbidden.

In the Fortnite End User License Agreement, you are able to see that there is a rule about selling Fortnite accounts and the other stuff related to Fortnite. In one line of the agreements, it is written that you are not able to sell, rent, license, distribute, or otherwise transfer the software of Fortnite or any of its parts. In the Fortnite Terms and Services even there is a line which states that you are not able to and will not be permitted to sell your Fortnite account for profit or any personal reasons. Even you are not permitted to use your Epic Games account as a gift or transfer its access keys to anyone other than yourself. So, based on this agreement and also terms of services, we can conclude that we are not able to sell Fortnite accounts and sell any other things related to Fortnite.

Well, even though this agreement and the terms of services exist, there are some players who still try to sell their Fortnite accounts, V-bucks and some other Fortnite stuff just for getting advantages. Nevertheless, this action is not right and do not follow those who break the rules of Fortnite. Never ever try to sell a Fortnite account or any other parts of it because it is forbidden by Fortnite. If you insist on doing it, you have to be ready to get some punishments from Fortnite such as being banned by them.

Fortnite is a game which is played by a lot of people around the world from different backgrounds. If you try to sell a Fortnite account on eBay or in any other marketplaces, you may not know who the buyer is. How if they will scam you by pretending to buy your Fortnite account and then they steal your personal information? So, make sure that you obey the rules of Fortnite so that you will be safe.

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