How to REMOVE INPUT Delay, Lag and FPS Drops inFortnite Chapter 2 – (PS4, Xbox, PC)

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When you are playing Fortnite with pleasure, you suddenly get any lagging issues. However, this issue makes the players get disappointed at all. When you want to kill your opponents, then, the lagging issues happen, of course, you totally cannot kill them. This’s so annoying, isn’t it?

Why does this issue happen in Fortnite?

Even though the issues have different causes from every player but many players think that the lagging issues, input delay and also FPS drop are seemingly on each player’s internet connection.

Throughout the history of the game world, the internet connection is one of the issues which can cause the game lag. Of course, internet connection is not only one factor that makes Fortnite getting delayed, lags even FPS drop. It means that there are still many factors that can make Fortnite lags.

Surely, to make Fortnite run smoothly without any lags or other issues, you definitely should  remove any issues first. After all, it is really important for you to know what the causes are and how to remove those issues easily. To understand more about the issue, please read carefully our information below!

How to REMOVE INPUT Delay, Lag and FPS Drops in Fortnite Chapter 2

In fact, Fortnite issues with input delay, lags and FPS drop are totally the same in all chapters. It means that in Fortnite Chapter 2, the causes and the solutions to fix this trouble seemingly will be the same. Then, the solution also will work for any platforms including PS4, Xbox One and PC.

How to remove those issues? You can take our ways below to remove input delay, lags and FPS drop. Here are they:

Check Your Internet Speed

The first solution when you get your Fortnite lag is to check your internet speed. Indeed, it is the main problem which often happens to almost all players. Sometimes, Fortnite lags will be caused by internet connection in low-speed. So, make sure that you check it before.

Install the Latest Fortnite Patch

You may still use the old version of Fortnite patch. Then, to remove your FPS drops, you can install a latest Fortnite patch, It’s possible, the recent patch will solve this issue well.

Clear Cache Regularly

It may be possible that there are a lot of “junk” files piled up and unused on your devices. Somehow, it will make Fortnite Mobile applications slower than before. So, clear cache is a must.

Fortnite Settings

Any issues related to input delap, lags and FPS drop also can be caused by bad Fortnite settings. In this case, you totally can remove any lags in Fortnite by adjusting your Fortnite settings. You can adjust some Fortnite settings as follow:

  • Change Auto-Detect to Epic
  • Ping on Server Settings
  • Set Turbo Building and Vibration
  • Adjust Sounds Settings

Using App Cleaner

Cleaner apps will make it easier to clean up cache or storage that is full on your smartphone. Only by using the Junk Cleaner feature, you can delete unnecessary data and files quickly.

Restart Fortnite

However, this is a smartest and more instant way to remove input delay, lags and FPS Drop. Just closing the Fortnite Mobile application for a moment absolutely can reduce lag. In fact, almost all games should be restarted when getting any lag issues.

Well, there are still many causes that make your Fortnite getting lag, input delay and FPS Drop. So, keep looking for another way if our solution can’t help you a lot.

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