How to Refund Fortnite Skins without Tickets

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Epic Games officially allow the players to refund any items that you have purchased. In this case, you probably have any problems in which it leads you to refund the items. It mostly happens in which you buy anything in an accidental or intentional situation. Of course, you automatically will take a refund for Epic Games.

You may want to refund the items without tickets, but in this case, we emphasize that you have to do any way to contact Epic Games Support to inform your situation. It may not work and will take a long time, but if you are totally into Accidental Purchase a cosmetic, Epic Games are willing to grant your request.

How to Refund Skins in Fortnite

If you want to refund your skins, you surely can do some ways in the below!

Step 1: Launch Fortnite

The first thing that you have to do is to launch the game of Fortnite on your console.

Step 2: Go to the Settings

The next step, you need to go to the Fortnite settings. Look at the menu, the settings will usually be at the top right of your gaming screen. But, it may look different based on what platform you are using to open it. Then, click the Settings option in this menu.

Step 3: click the Person Icon

After that, you have to see an icon located at the top of your settings page. The icon looks like a person. Then, click on the icon to get access to the Account Settings Page.

Step 4: Submit Your Request

In this step, you have to look for the area which is labeled ” Lifetime Refund Requests”. Then, you can see the amount of requests as you have left with a button. After that, you can also see the description that informs you about Lifetime Return Requests. Some Fortnite items are returnable without consuming a request but it is so rare and only happens one time.

Then, press the Submit a Request button (you will not consume a token by doing this way)

Step 5: Choose the Item as You Want to Refund

You will see all the cosmetics which are electable to be refunded. But, need to remember that you can just take one item purchased within the last 30 days which will show up in this option. After that, choose the one you want to refund. Because you want to refund skin, so choose the skin as you recently purchased from Item Shop.

Step 6: Select the Reason Why You Want to Refund

At least, there are three reasons that you have to choose when you want to refund the item. They are Accidental Purchase, Unauthorized Purchase and Item Not as Expected. In this case, it does not matter which reason you choose, just pick one. Generally, many players choose the Accidental Purchase for the safest option.

Step 7: Submit the Request

Finally, if you really desire to refund the skin, you can continue to Submit the Request. If you are positive to refund it, you are able to go ahead and choose the cosmetic and request the refund.

Ensure that you follow our steps above and don’t miss anything.

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