How to Get Unlimited Refunds on Fortnite

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There is a feature to refund something in Fortnite. When you purchase something by accident or do not like the item that you have purchased, you are able to use this feature three times. Is there a way to get unlimited refunds on Fortnite? Unfortunately, there is no way of getting the unlimited refunds on the game. You might find something that claims to give you the way to get the unlimited refunds in the game but all of them are definitely not true.

Those who offer the methods to get unlimited refunds on Fortnite are scams. Epic Games only provides three times to use the refund feature so anything beside it is illegal. It may put your Fortnite account at risk so it is better for you to avoid them all. If you still have three chances to refund, please use them wisely.

You can start the refund by going to the main lobby and pressing the Start button or selecting the options icon located in the very top corner of your screen. Then, choose the gear icon that says Settings on the right side of the options. The next thing that you have to do is to navigate all the way over to the farthest tab on the right where the icon looks like a person. Afterward, look under the Content section of your account for the lifetime refund request area. Under Content and to the paragraph that goes over the refund restrictions, please choose the option to submit a request. You need to choose that and it will take you to another screen that displays all the items you have that are eligible for a refund. If you do not see the items available for refund, you are able to try checking out Billing Support on the official website of Epic Games or submit a ticket. For your information, eligible items that show up here have been purchased within the last 30 days and you are able to get a refund for them.

Once you found the items, choose the one that you want to refund, and on the next page, choose the reason why you want a refund. There are three options that you can choose and they will not affect whether or not you get a refund. Make sure to choose the one that best suits your situation. In case you accidentally purchased it or meant to get something else, make sure to choose that one. If your kid or someone else made the purchase without your permission, choose the unauthorized purchase option. If you simply are not pleased with the cosmetic or do not want it, you can just choose the item not as expected option. After selecting the reason, you will be taken to the final screen where you will confirm your refund request. This one will show you the value of the item I V-Bucks so you are able to know what you will be getting back through the refund. The last thing that you have to do is to submit the return request.

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