How to Get Better Ping in Fortnite

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Ping in game is defined as how fast a command that you send to the game can register at the server and happen in game. Now, you may want to know how to get better ping so that you can get better gaming experience in Fortnite.

First, let’s find out, is it important? Ping in a game is very important. It permitsĀ  your inputs to be able to register faster, and also will give you a better reaction and input time in gaming. If you have a worse ping, you will have more lag in your communication with the game. Often, there is a not noticeable lag and you will not have players running in spot. But, these small differences in timing can make big differences in performance.

If you play Fortnite game, then you need to know about the good ping for this game. A good ping for competitive play in Fortnite is under 50. If it is more than 100, it means that it is quite bad. If it is between 50 and 100, it is tolerable. But, if you are able to get the lower, it will be better. It is higher than other games because Epic Games does not have many server locations as others.

If we have the bad ping, then how to get the better one? You will want to have ping as low as possible since the lower your ping is, the less time it will take for your game to respond to the server. It also means that the less latency that you will experience. So, there are some actions that you can do to get better ping which means to reduce your ping. Here are the things that you can do.

  • You are able to use a wired connection. If you use it, it will be more stable and more reliable than a wireless connection. Since you will be experiencing a slower connection because of interference on a wireless connection, then your ping will almost be better on a wired connection.
  • You are able to use a powerline adaptor if you are not able to use a wired connection. These things are devices that will be able to send data signals through your homes electrical wiring. It is very simple to use them since the thing that you need is a power outlet near to you. Generally, powerline adapters are fast for high speed internet. They are also more consistent and offer less latency than a wireless connection.
  • You have to get closer to your router if you use a wireless connection. When you move closer to your router, it will reduce the distance that the signals have to travel. So, you will be able to experience a stronger connection.
  • You are able to optimize your network adapter settings. When you play Fortnite, you have to set your network adapter settings for the best performance. You will have to be connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable for this to work.

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