How to Get an OG Name in Fortnite

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You may want to display an OG name in Fortnite to replace your common Fortnite name. However, an OG name is every player’s desire to make their account more gorgeous. In fact, the gorgeous name will also present something adorable  related to the character of the owner. Even farther,  it can reflect a player’s character in real life.

On the other word, OG name is a name of a Fortnite account with a short character or rare name. Of course, to display a short name in Fortnite, you probably will get complicated ways to do so. Somehow, the short name is already used by other players. So, you need to find another short name for your account. It’s so complicated, isn’t it?

To display OG names for your Fortnite account, there are  some smart ways that you can do it. One of the ways we get from a YouTube channel named Fxtch entitled How To Get ANY *OG* Epic Name In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2… (UPDATED METHOD!) definitely will show you the way to get an OG name for Fortnite in a very simple way. The ways are shown below!

How to Get OG Name for Your Fortnite Account

Of course, to get your OG name without Greek letter or Russian letter, you need to download invisible characters. The invisible character here is the same as the letter as you usually use to put your name.

  • Firstly, you need to download invisible characters that you can find at
  • You surely have to join the discord by visiting the link above.
  • Once you join discord, you have to go into #announcements channel.
  • Finally, you can download the notepad. Enjoy it!

By downloading the notepad from Discord channel, you totally can type invisible characters that you can use for OG in your Fortnite name.

To get an OG name for your Fortnite account after you downloaded the notepad, you definitely can continue the ways to display your OG name on your Fortnite account. By following our ways below, we guess that you will succeed in changing your usual name into an OG name!

  • Once you download notepad to type invisible characters, it is time for you to choose the OG name. Generally, the OG name here shows three letters up to five letters.
  • Then, you need to go to Epic Games. Fill your email and password.
  • After you are at Epic Games page, you need to click Account
  • By clicking it, you will be on the General Settings menu
  • Then, select your account name by clicking a Pen symbol. Click it.
  • You can try to type your OG name, see if it is successful or not. Well, if it fails, it’s time for you to open the notepad that you already download. Then, type the OG name on notepad. You will be amazed because you type the letter but it’s invisible on the notepad.
  • Then, copy the invisible letter from the notepad. Then, paste it on your Fortnite name.
  • We guess the way is totally successful when you copy and paste the letter from notepad.

Finally, you already change your common Fortnite name to OG name. Congratulations!!!

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