How to Get 35,000 Experience Points After Dancing for 10 Seconds at Apres Ski

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Fortnite dance on the Apres Ski dance floor for 10 seconds is named as one of the Week 8 Season 3 challenges that will be going live soon. As always, prior to the latest Fortnite challenges going live dataminers have leaked a list of inbound tasks. This time, there are two sets of leaked challenge lists doing the rounds.

As reported by Fortnite Insider and Game Spot, one of them features the dance on the Apres Ski dance floor for 10 seconds. For those who are wondering how to solve the challenge, please do not worry and keep reading the article.

First of all, you have to find out where the Apres Ski house is located, and it is able to be found in the southern area of the map in square E8. The Apres Ski house is known as a lodge-like building that is able to be found beside a snowy mountain. Inside the building, you will find a fireplace and the other ski items scattered around.

The dance floor is placed in the back right corner of the lodge, you can juts simply go there and use a dance emote if you want to complete the Fortnite challenge. As a reward for completing it you will get 35,000 experience points.

No one knows if this leaked challenge list is accurate, or the other challenge list which is doing the rounds is the right one. The other challenges list of Fortnite features a cars specific challenge, which the one with the Apres Ski dance floor challenge does not.

It is quite surprising as Fortnite cars are the big new addition to Battle Royale this week, and usually Epic Games mark these kinds of launches with a themed weekly challenge. At this rate, the fans of Battle Royale will not have too much longer to wait to find out as the Fortnite challenges for Season 3 Week 8 will be going live later on today. Here is the full list of the Fortnite Week 10 Season 3 (excluding dance on the Apres Ski dance floor for 10 seconds):

  • Look for 7 Chests at The Authority
  • 3 Eliminations at Misty Meadows
  • Gather¬†5¬†Fireflies from Weeping Woods
  • Destroy 7 shipping containers at Dirty Docks
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents with Shotguns or SMGs
  • Deal 15,000 damage to opponents with Shotguns or SMGs
  • Look for 7 Ammo Boxes at Frenzy Farm

Just like dancing on the Apres Ski dance floor for 10 seconds, completing the other challenges included in Fortnite Week 10 Season 3 also will reward you 35,000 experience points. If you want to earn those amounts of experience points, do not miss completing the challenge. For more information about how to get 35,000 experience points after dancing for 10 seconds at Apres Ski, it is better for you to visit any places related to Epic Games. Aside from that, you are also recommended to visit the community.

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