How to Fix Packet Loss Fortnite PC

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Fortnite is the name of one of the most popular battle royale games. This one was released shortly after the popular game called PUBG but has gathered a broader fanbase, mostly because it is free to play. In addition, this game has a lower PEGI rating than PUBG. It automatically translates into a wider range of players, given the age difference.

You are able to play solo, it means two, or as a 4-player team. Everything depends on your preferences. The purpose of the game is to be the last player or team standing. In the start, you need to parachute yourself out of a flying vehicle (bus). Then, you loot armor, whatnot, and ammo, and begin hunting your opponents. There are a total of 100 players in every session, so competition is tough.

That is the reason that what we are about to say will make sense to you. If you lag even for a split-second in the game, your character will probably die. But the lag is not the only problem here. There is also packet loss, jitter, and even connection timeouts.

The thing called packet loss is a real thing with pros and amateurs alike and it usually makes the difference between winning a game or getting as close as you can to being the last player or team standing or losing it miserably.

What causes the packet loss in Fortnite? A lot of things are able to trigger packet loss, even in Fortnite. Usually, it is the fault of the game server, in which case the situation fixes itself. However, sometimes you or your ISP might be the cause. If you want to paint a clear picture, even your Ethernet cable can cause this thing. Aside from that, choosing Wi-Fi over a wired connection also can lead to packet loss.

Then, how to fix packet loss in Fortnite? There are several methods. The first one is to use a VPN. To use it, please follow the steps. First, download Private Internet Access on your PC. Second, install it. Third, launch it and log into it. Fourth, connect to your favorite server. Fifth, launch Fortnite and see if the packet loss issue persists.

The second method is to manually troubleshoot the connection. First of all, run a packet loss test. Then, identify and isolate the troublesome hop on your connection. After that, take the necessary measures to solve packet loss.

For those who are having packet loss issues in Fortnite, do not worry. The problem usually passes by itself without your assistance. However, if you know the pattern in the occurrence of the leaks, you might want to step in.

Please take a note that using a VPN will not fix packet loss issues every time. The efficiency of the method depends on the location of the leak inside your connection. However, it is great having a VPN on your PC, as it is able to keep a lot of things at bay, such as prying eyes, or even hackers.

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