How to Fix Low FPS on Fortnite

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If you experience low FPS on Fortnite, you do not need to be frustrated since you are not the one who experiences it. There are some things that you are able to do to fix low FPS on Fortnite and it will be explained below.

Installing The Latest Fortnite Patch

It is important to know that the developers of Fortnite release regular game patches to fix bugs. So, it is possible that a latest patch has caused this issue so that the new patch is needed to fix it. You can check for the latest Fortnite patch by following the steps below if you run Fortnite from the Epic Games launcher.

  • First, you need to run the Epic Games Launcher.
  • On the left panel, you must click Library and then on the right, you must click the gear button on the lower-right corner of Fortnite.
  • In this step, you have to turn on the Restart the Epic Games Launcher.
  • And if a patch is available, it will be detected by the Epic Games Launcher. Then, the latest Fortnite patch will be automatically downloaded and installed on your PC.
  • Now, you have to toggle next to Auto update.

After following the steps above, you can run Fortnite again to check whether Fortnite FPS is low or not.

Lowering In-Game Settings

If your PC does not meet the recommended system requirements for Fortnite, you are able to reduce in-game graphics to make Fortnite run smoothly. You can follow these steps.

  • In Fortnite, you need to click the menu button located in the upper-right corner, and then choose the gear icon to open the game settings.
  • Next, you have to Modify the video settings of the game to gain the maximum performance. Then, do not forget to click Apply to save the changes.
  • You can run Fortnite again to see if Fortnite FPS is low or not.

Updating Your Graphics Driver

If the graphics driver on your PC is outdated or corrupted, you cannot enjoy the optimal gaming experience, and sometimes you may run into the low Fortnite FPS  issue. If you want to fix it, you can update your graphics driver. There are two ways to be able to update your graphics driver.

You can update your graphics driver manually. You can do it by going to the website of the manufacturer for your graphics card and then search for the most recent correct driver. You have to make sure that you select only the drivers that are compatible with your Windows version.

If you want to update your graphics driver automatically, you can do that by using Driver Easy. It will automatically recognize your system and find the right drivers for your exact graphics cards and your Windows version. It will download and install them correctly for you. So, you are able to download and install Driver Easy. After that, you are able to run Driver Easy and then click on the Scan Now button. Then, Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect any issue in drivers. Then, you can click Update All to download and install the correct version of all the drivers which are missing or out of date on your system.

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