How to Find the Sentinel Graveyard Fortnite’s Marvel Map

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The Sentinel Graveyard is named as one of the new locations in the game called Fortnite. This page consists of the guide that will help you to locate it and dance on it for a weekly challenge. The game by Epic Games has dedicated its new season fully to Marvel Comics. In this season, you are able to unlock skins and emotes for the greatest heroes and villains of Marvel.

The map has also got some substantial changes by including famous places like the Sentinel Graveyard and Doom’s Domain. Every hero comes with their own transformation emote to turn them into superheroes. The Sentinel Graveyard is full of challenges for you to complete. Here is how you are able to complete the challenge.

Fortnite remains as one of the biggest games right now. This one continues to break records and expectations with each new update. In the past, both Marvel and Fortnite have teamed up to bring special events to the game. For instance, to celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the name of the event that was created in Fortnite where you could take control of Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet.

Once you grab the gauntlet, you are able to leap the big distances, shoot lasers, and have a much bigger HP bar compared to the rest of the players. Now, the whole season is dedicated to all things Marvel. Here is how you are able to find the Sentinel Graveyard and dance on its grave.

So, how to find the sentinel Graveyard Fortnite’s Marvel map? You are able to find the Sentinel Graveyard in the western area of Lazy Lake. Once you are there, you will find the big Sentinel’s scattered around the battlefield.

They resemble purple, dead giants on the floor. All that you have to do to complete this task is to build to the top of their heads and dance. As the alternative, you are also able to land directly on the top of the head when the game starts. However, it is probably better to find a weapon that can protect yourself beforehand. Please dance on three different Sentinel heads and the challenge will be completed.

The whole season of Fortnite being dedicated to a different brand indicates how deep Fortnite is willing to get with its relationship with pop culture. Both Marvel and comic culture are bigger than ever since the release of the MCU line of movies. New things are released each year to continue to build on the existing world and introduce the new heroes to the world. For instance, characters such as Iron Man, Ant Man, and Black Panther were not nearly as well-known up until the release of their movies.

If you want any question related to how to find the Sentinel Graveyard in Fortnite, do not hesitate to visit the community of this game and discuss with the members of the community who share the same interest as you.

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