How to Download Epic Games Launcher

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Before you are able to play a game on your device, of course you need to get the launcher first. Then, you should download and install it. However, downloading a game or any programs is definitely not as complicated as you think.

To get a game, you definitely should download it first and install on your device. But, sometimes, any app does not launch to open the game. Of course, it may be caused by any factors including corrupted files, unsupported devices, no more space on your device to install the launcher and many more.

So as with the game of Fortnite, you firstly have to download Epic Games Launcher and install it on your device. To be able to play Fortnite, having Epic Games Launcher is really a must for you.

In this case, downloading and installing Fortnite with Epic Games launcher is such an exclusive way that you need to do before you get Fortnite. As the developer of Fortnite, Epic Games suggest you to download Fortnite with Epic Games launcher. By using Epic Games launcher, you definitely take a fair way to download and install Fortnite on your device.

Unfortunately, not all players know how to download Epic Games Launcher. Especially for newcomers of Fortnite, not understanding to download the launcher is such a normal thing at all. Besides, there will be any issues that may happen when you do not follow the right steps in downloading the launcher.

But, you do not have to worry because we are here to give you any smart ways to download Epic Games Launcher.

How to Download Epic Games Launcher

Here’s simply steps that you can do to download Epic Games launcher. Make sure that you do not miss any steps below!

  • Firstly, you need to access the official site of Epis Games at
  • Then, you will be directed into the page which provides the Download File.
  • On the current page, there will be a blue button which reads Download Epic Games Launcher. Click it.
  • Once you click Download Epic Games Launcher, the file will be downloaded and you have to wait until the process downloading is done.
  • The length of the downloading process will be based on the speed of your internet connection. If you have a good internet connection, it will only take about 1 minute.
  • The Epic Games Launcher file will be saved on your devices.

Instead, to download it directly, you can visit site at

If you are not sure by doing alone in downloading Epic Games Launcher, we also recommend you to watch any videos below that hopefully will help to get the launcher well. Here they are:

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