How to Completing Fortnite Weapon Rarities in a Variety of Colours

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Since you are playing Fortnite, you may oftenly find the weapon with a variety of colors. However, each weapon has certain color. It means that the color of the weapon presents how rare the weapon is. In this case, the rarities can be defined both of the relative rarity of finding a weapon. This is also  an expression of its quality.

Certainly, each level of each weapon variant has a certain name and color associated with it. In Fortnite, there are many kinds of weapons which are divided into some categories. They are Common, Uncommon, Epic, Rare and Legendary variants. Each variant absolutely has different abilities and rarity.

Well, to make you more understand the differences of Fortnite weapons in a variety of colors, of course, it’s recommended for you to know the color guide of the Fortnite weapons. By knowing the weapon in each color, you surely can power to use and complete the weapon.

Color Guides of Fortnite Weapons

Here are the color guides of Fortnite weapon

Grey Weapon

  • Rarity: Common *1
  • Damage: 27
  • Reload: 2.9 second

Green Weapon

  • Rarity: Common *2
  • Damage: 29
  • Reload: 2.7 second

Blue Weapon

  • Rarity: Rare *3
  • Damage: 30
  • Reload: 2.6 second

Purple Weapon

  • Rarity: Epic *4
  • Damage: 32
  • Reload: 2.5 second

Orange Weapon

  • Rarity: Legendary *5
  • Damage: 33
  • Reload: 2.3 second

How to Completing Fortnite Weapon Rarities

After you know the Fortnite weapon rarities in a variety of colours, you may want to power in completing them. Well, in completing Fortnite weapons, you surely have to know how to empower the Fortnite weapons. After you have the power to control the Fortnite weapon, of course, you can complete the weapon rarities in a variety of colors easily.

  • Let Crosshair Fall Off

This is a very effective tactic in most FPS games and in Fortnite Mobile. Wait a few moments for your crosshair line to shrink before firing again. The smaller your crosshair, the more accurate the shot will be. This is very useful when you shoot from a distance.

  • Shoot at the Top of Object

Once your accuracy improves, make sure to always aim for the chest or head. This is your opponent’s most vulnerable area. It means that this is where you can deal the most damage.

  • Let Your Aim In

Once fired, a bullet can fly anywhere within the spread or cone of your aiming point. This is referred to as Bloom. That means that your bullets will not always hit the center of your aim, especially when you’re using a rifle.

For the better results, aim inward. Practice keeping as much of your opponent’s body as possible in the crosshair. Don’t take the risk of letting only certain parts slide in. From here you will feel the rapid development in matters of targeting the enemy and dealing damage as quickly as possible.

  • Burst

When dealing with enemies, shoot in short bursts instead of emptying a full magazine in one go. This is another tactic that appears in most of the FPS. Taking short pauses between 2-second bursts will minimize weapon recoil and will go a long way toward targeting enemies

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