How to Complete Both of Fortnite’s Season 3 Secret Challenges

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The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games has tried in secret challenges with Fortnite over years, including a secret war between bears and gnomes last season, and this latest season is no different. Now, there is a series of Coral Buddies secret challenges that send you throughout the upper left corner of the map to help some little guys evolve their tiny civilization.

The Coral Buddies Wood Age Quest, Coral Buddies Modern Age Quest, Coral Buddies Stone Age Quest, and the Coral Buddies Nuclear Age Quest are four challenges that are currently available. All of them are fairly simple if you know what to look for on the Season 3 map. How do you complete all of those challenges?

The first one, Coral Buddies Wood Age Quest, is able to be completed by visiting a small island on the northwestern corner of the map. You will find creatures and a small encampment on the sand located on the upper part of the B1 tile on the map grid. Usually, there is very little loot ready to begin the game off with some weapons if you decide to land here first. Once you land at the island, you will see a group of blue creatures. Please give them 100 wood and they will instantly build walls and ships.

There are two steps of the second one, Coral Buddies Age of Stone Quest. The first one begins at the same location the first one does. You will have to turn to the first Coral Buddies encampment and give them 300 stones. Unfortunately, there is not nearly enough stone on the island to satisfy the challenge so you will have to collect it elsewhere before swimming there. The good place to get all the bricks is the lighthouse, but you are recommended to get from Sweaty Sands or Pleasant Park. The second step tasks you with visiting three more spots near the first island. Please go to each spot and pickaxe or shoot rocks beside the coral buddies. It will turn into a Sphinx once you do so.

The third one, Coral Buddies Modern Age Quest requires you to go to the same island above and give the little critters 100 metal. As there is no metal on the island, it is better for you to land at the helipad just south of the Coral Buddies island. Please harvest metal there and then go and donate it and the critters will launch their first space expedition. Once you do, you will gain 25,000 experience points.

The fourth one, Coral Buddies Nuclear Age Quest requires you to help these critters test out a nuclear bomb by finding a nearby canister, picking it up, and bringing it to the site. You will discover the nuclear canister at the southern edge of the island within a shipwreck. Once you bring it back to the testing place, the nuclear explosion will go off and you will earn another chunk of experience point for your trouble.

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