How to Change FOV Fortnite

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When you are playing Fortnite, you may want to get the best view. However, the great view of the screen can allow you to see the game as clearly as possible. Well, in Fortnite, to get the clear visual, you definitely can adjust FOV settings. Then, do you know what is FOV?

In the term of Fortnite Settings, FOV means Field of View. Of course, there are many players who are talking about this term. For a long time, the competitive Fortnite players played Fortnite on stretched resolution to get the advantage of a wider FOV. But, Fortnite later banned stretched resolutions to level the playing field among the players.

Because of the prohibition, the competitive community gave reaction with outrage and demand that Epic Games have to add a FOV slider to the in-game settings like many other games have. From this reaction, Epic Games responded that the default of FOV of 80 was given the player with the best balance and reduced motion sickness.

But, the most of competitive Fortnite community debunked this and called out Epic for their explanation. However, it is seemingly a controversy between Epic Games and the player. Well, this topic has died out a little recently, but we hope that Epic Games will take consideration to add FOV to Fortnite settings.

Basically, teh FOV range could go from 75-110. Then, the best FOV setting is 80 as the deafault FOV as currently in the game.

Here are the current default FOV of 80:

  • Better performance
  • Visual fidelity
  • To minimize jarring transtions when the aim gets down.
  • Favoring a low FOV, varied engagement ranges and a closer view of enemies
  • To minimize potential motion-sickness in player further away from their screen.

Then, can we change FOV settings in Fortnite?

If you ask a question about whether we can change FOV or not, of course, the answer is yes. Altough Epic Games forbid to change FOV, but you can still change the resolution settings using the available in-game options. But, Fortnite totally does not allow you to change the game’s FOV.

If you still want to change FOV in Fortnite settings, of course there are some excellent ways that you can do. But, in this case, we emphasize that this way get you banned, so, you have to try this at your own risk. Here are they:

  • First, you can navigate to the documents and type in Navigate to C:\Users(your computer user name here)\AppData\Local\FortniteGame\Saved\Config\WindowsClient.
  • Then, you can open the engine.ini file in notepad or you can choose a text editor of your choice.
  • After that, you can navigate to the end of the file and paste [/Script/Engine.LocalPlayer] AspectRatioAxisConstraint=AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV into the text.
  • Finally, you are able to change FOV in your Fortnite settings.

Why do many people want to change FOV in their game?

However, FOV will improve the visibility in vertical end-game to build the battle. Then, once Fortnite introduces a feature that will provide a gameplay advantage, so the players can gravitate towards to turn on to maximize their chances of success. So, the way totally will make the game look or feel worse.

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