How to Build Fast in Fortnite

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Do you feel that you build slowly in Fortnite? And now, you really want to be able to build fast in Fortnite? If you want to build fast, there are some tips that we will share to you here and you are able to follow the tips to help you build fast in the game.

Rebinding Your Control Scheme

Rebinding your control scheme can make your building much faster. For walls, ramps and flat platforms, you are able to set to these rebind options.

  • Building option 1 (wall): Q or E
  • Building option 2 (platforms): F or V
  • Building option 3 (ramp): F or V

As an alternative, you are able to try this setup for building options:

  • Building option 1 (wall): Z
  • Building option 2 (platforms): X
  • Building option 3 (ramp): C

Do you have a mouse with a couple of side buttons? Then, you are able to assign building options to them for some seriously speedy building:

  • Building option 1 (wall): Thumb Mouse Button 4
  • Building option 2 (platforms): Thumb Mouse Button 2, or another key
  • Building option 3 (ramp): Thumb Mouse Button 3

Setting The General Mouse Sensitivity Right

If you have set the control, then you have to make sure that your general mouse sensitivity is set up just right as well. If it is too low, then it will be harder for you to swing around in a circle and build around yourself in a hurry. If you want a nice balance between speed and accuracy, you have to take some time to be able to find a setting that you are comfortable with and it is able to do wonders for your building.

Practice Often

If you want to be able to build faster, then there is no way other than practice, practice and practice. Here, you need to forget about winning matches since your goal is improving your building skill. When you find an enemy or if you are being attacked in the game, you have to try and get into the habit of building to get an advantage or to protect yourself. If you can build more, you will get better.

Using The Mouse Button Setup

The mouse button setup may be one of the hardest things to get used to. However, it is easily one of the fastest ways to build. By using the mouse button, your fingers will not need to leave the comfort of your mouse and travel across the keyboard everytime you want to put a ramp, wall or platform. It means that you are able to pull off some lightning fast builds.

From the tips above, which tip have you tried? If you have not tried all of the tips above, then you are able to try it now and feel the difference before and after. You can open the Fortnite game now and apply the tips above. Hopefully, these tips can help you in building faster in Fortnite games and good luck!

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