How to Build Better in Fortnite

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Do you want to see the Victory Royal banner? If you want it, it means that you need to be better at building bases. You are able to be better at it as long as you know some tips that you are able to do. Here, we will explain about the tips that you can do to be better at building in Fortnite.

First, you have to keep an eye on your supply. You may feel that it is easy to have big plans for your bases. However, you need to remember that you will not always have the materials to be able to create your dream building. So, keeping an eye on your stock of wood, brick and metal is important. You also have to try to build your ramps and quick bases with whichever you have most of. It can be done if you need to extend it all of a sudden and do not have time to switch.

Second tip is, you have to always be gathering. It is important for you to watch any of the pros to learn and you have to see them build up their stocks of materials over the course of the game.

Third, you can heal up. It is not a great idea to be able to heal out in the open. In case you need some time to pop open a Slurp Juice, you are able to throw up some walls around yourself. In case you build three walls and a ramp to hide behind instead of four walls, other players will think that someone built in the middle of a battle and will not spend time looking for you.

If you are collecting, you have to build a base around it. If there is a player who drops their materials or you are able to crack open an item drop, you can be out in the open. You have to watch any of the pros and then you will be able to see they throw up walls and ramps all around them when they collect and sort their inventory.

Another thing that is important for you to know is that building is not just for bases but it is also for movement. You need to know that building ramps and platforms are good for offering movement options. If you want to reach the top of that hill but you are not able to see a way up, you can build a long ramp. If you want to drop from the top of a cliff without taking damage, then you can build some platforms when you fall down. Even though they will  not last forever, but they will be able to break your fall.

Now, when there is a storm which starts really closing in at the end of a match, space will be limited. However, you are able to create a height advantage over your enemies by building into the sky. So, gaining a height advantage is the thing that you do in this situation. If you can build a higher building, then you are able to spot more.

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