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Daequan is a video game streamer known for the content of Fortnite. He is also known as a professional eSports player. Currently, Daequan has 5.32 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 3.2 million followers on Twitch. For your information, Daequan is also part of the Fortnite team TSM (Team SoloMid).

By the way, how old is TSM Daequan now? To find out more information about TSM Daequan, you are able to read this article until the end as here we are going to tell you about the personal life, background and career of TSM Daequan. Please do not go anywhere and keep staying on this page.


Based on the research, TSM Daequan was born on May 12, 1994. So, his age now is 26 years old. Unlike some other players who choose unrelated online handles, TSM Daequan uses his real first name for his username. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall. Usually, he likes wearing a baseball cap, and recently revealed his receding hairline as a subscriber special.

We get information that TSM Daequan grew up in Florida, where he lived most of his life and ultimately started his gaming career. We’ve heard that TSM Daequan has a girlfriend named Exie. Even, his girlfriend helps create content for his channel like video thumbnails.

As of May 2018, TSM Daequan and other TSM Fortnite players created their own house in Los Angeles. At this time, he resides there along with his fellow starting team members, Myth and Manliz.


Daequan has a long story of competitive gaming. He participated in many different types of games. Some games in his extensive repertoire include Destiny 1 PvP, Black Desert Online, GunZ, Wildstar, Smite, and more. He started a deeper interest with FPS games through H1Z1, building up his skill through extended hours of gameplay.

After discovering Fortnite, Daequan started a YouTube under his real name, “Daequan Loco”. Next, he dedicated the channel to the game approximately in November of 2017, where his videos include various game-play and commentaries. Besides, TSM Daequan also streams on his Twitch channel regularly and remains active on both channels, giving his fans regular content.

Since February 2018, Daequan has been a member of the TSM (Team SoloMid) Fortnite team. This collection of players includes some other influential names in Fortnite, such as Myth, Hamlinz and dakotaz. Usually, These players compete in professional Fortnite tournaments as a unit.


Since the creation of his YouTube channel, Daequan has proved that he is an influential aspect of the Fortnite world. His high-level gameplay began to attract the followers quickly with his impressive games and thoughtful insights on the game, propelling his channel into popularity.

Apparently, that popularity was bolstered after TSM Daequan became one of the founding members of the TSM Fortnite team in February 2018, made up of similarly skilled players. Besides from the victories earned alongside his fellow TSM members, Daequan also has the most Fortnite invitational wins in North America.

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