How Old is My Fortnite Account

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You probably wonder how old your Fortnite account is, don’t you? If so, it is a common problem in which every Fortnite player may want to do it too. However, knowing how old your Fortnite account is, it can be a parameter on how long you have been in Fortnite.

Indeed, to know how old your account in Fortnite is, it is definitely an easy way to do. Of course, to check when you start joining Epic Games, you definitely can know it by seeing in your email. By checking the first email from Epic Games in your inbox, you totally can find out what year, month and date you already joined Fortnite.

To make you more understanding to find the email, we will inform you step-by-step to check how old your account is in Fortnite. Here are the ways:

  • Firstly, you need to access your Gmail or whatever email that you use for making an Epic Games account. If you use Gmail, you need to login by entering your email and password.
  • Then, when you are in your gmail,  click on the Inbox menu. Search email from Fortnite by type ‘Epic Games’ in the search box.
  • Automatically, if you use this email to register to Epic Games, you will find the message from Epic Game. Then, you have to scroll down to find the first email from Epic Games which asks you to verify your email.
  • If you have scrolled down and you cannot find it, you can go to another page. Then, when you are on the next page, you can scroll down again and find the first email from Epic Games.
  • If you have scrolled down and then you find an email from Epic Games which says ‘Your Epic Games Account Has Been Created’, it means that it is the time when you created the Epic Games account.
  • Finally, from the email, you can see the date of the email which has been created. If you want to know more about the content of the email, you are able to click on it to read the whole email from Epic Games about confirming that your account has been created.

Well, those are the simple steps that you can do to know how old your account in Fortnite is. After you find when you join Epic Games through the steps above, of course you can calculate by counting the date.

Since you are playing Fortnite, you may ever find many things within the game. Then, how far do you achieve your goal in the game? However, if you play Fortnite for a longer time,we guess that you already achieve many goals that give you satisfaction.

But, if you play Fortnite for a long time, but you do not reach your main achievement, you surely have to increase your skill in playing Fortnite. Somehow, to reach your achievement, you totally need to practice a lot to level up your skill in Fortnite.

So, keep improving your skill and good luck!

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