How Much XP Do You Get for a Squad Win in Fortnite

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Before you decide to play Fortnite in a squad, of course it is recommended for you to know how much XP that you need to get. However, knowing the amount of XP, it totally will be easier for you to reach a certain amount of XP.

However, playing Squads in Fortnite will ease you to win as long as your teams coordinate strategy properly and do not get each other killed in the process. But if you decide to play solo,  it probably will make you a little bit hard to win.

So, are you interested in playing Squad in Fortnite? Well, if you really want to play squads, the main thing that you need to do is to find the best friends that can play with it as a team. Ensure that you and your friends have good skills at the same level or higher. As least, you will need three friends lined up.

When you decide to play Squads, of course you have to auto-fill any empty spots you may have with random players. It means that if you just have two people online, they are ready to play in Squad. Then, the third slot should be auto-filled in. However, it is so important for you to recognize the strategy that will be required to win in the game. The strategy here is similar whether you play Fortnine in Solos.

At least, there are some ways to earn XP in Fortnite. They are:

  • Looking for Ammo Chests – 713 XP
  • Looking for Chests – 806 XP
  • Eliminate Enemies – 956 XP
  • Assist Elimination – 756 XP
  • Hot 5 Weak Spots when Harvesting – 36 XP
  • New Storm Circle
  • Play Fortnite in a Match XP – Varies per game mode

In this case, you can totally level up fast by completing any Fortnite missions. The missions here are weekly events and sometimes additional ones will come too. Then by completing the missions, you will have a chance to get 12,500 XP per challenge.

Indeed, the best way to complete the missions is to play with Team Rumble as you have unlimited lives. Then, it can get lots of the tasks completed.

The tips to boost your XP is through Friend XP Boost. When you play Fortnite in Duos or Squads mode, you totally can unlock a Friend XP boost. In this case, this friend XP Boost goes up to 40%. If you play with a squad full of maxed  out 40% Friend XP boost. It’s another 160% XP that you will get when playing Fortnite.

Here is a breakdown of the XP you can earn in Squads mode:

Kill XP

Kills XP Bonus
1 0 50 XP
2 20 XP 0
3 40 XP 0
4 60 XP 0
5 80 XP 0
6 100 XP 0

 Placement XP

Placement XP
1st 300 XP
2nd 200 XP
3rd-10th 100 XP
11-th-20th 25 XP
21st+ 0 XP

 Survival Time XP

Survival Time XP Storm
2:019 minutes 17 XP Pre 1st Storm
5:06 minutes 51 XP Pre 1st Storm
6:04 minutes 85 XP 1st Storm
9:23 minutes 136 XP Pre 2nd Storm
12:33 minutes 187 XP 2nd Storm
18:10 minutes 238 XP Pre 4th Storm
19:37 minutes 238 XP
24:03 minutes 238 XP

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