How Much Does My Fortnite Account Cost

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You may ever think that you want to sell your Fortnite account. Of course, when you sell your account, you want to get the best price at all. But, you do not know the parameter of how much your Fortnite account to sell. You surely do not want to sell your account without obeying terms of services of Epic Games. It means that you cannot sell your Fortnite account carelessly.

Well, before you decide to sell your Fortnite account, it is better for you to check the average value of a Fortnite account using an excellent tool. In this case, you can use an online account value calculator that will show you the value of your account.

Then, after you know the value of your Fortnite account, of course, you can decide how much your Fortnite account costs.

To estimate how valuable your Fortnite account is, you definitely choose some online account Value Calculators. But, we recommend you to choose a great one. Most Fortnite players use the account value checker named Player Auctions. You can access the page here.

By using this account checker, you can totally see some results that refer to the value of your Fortnite account. There are eight boxes that you have to fill with accurate information. Here are they:

  • Edition

The first box is needed to fill as accurately as possible. This can be the main factor to calculate the price of your Fortnite account. You need to choose some options including Free to Play, Founder’s Pack, Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Super Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, and Ultimate Edition. Make sure that you choose the Fortnite edition as you’re playing.

  • Level

This box focuses on what level you are in. If you got level 10 in one season, the account level automatically will be in 130.

  • V-Bucks

The V-Bucks can be purchased with the real money. So, any amount of V-Bucks as your account has will affect the price of your account.

  • Battle Pass Tier

This offers rewards free passes for the players. The tiers that depend on how many Battle Stars you have obtained will reward the different thing at all.

  • Cosmetics

# of Epic Cosmetics

# of Rare Cosmetics

# of Uncommon Cosmetics

# of Legendary Cosmetics

However, this is important information that you have to fill to estimate the price of your Fortnite account. As we know that Fortnite skin is one of Fortnite items that you can buy with V-Bucks. So, the more skins you have the higher price of your Fortnite account will be.

  • Final Question

After you fill all of the information on available boxes, you have to answer the question of the name being changed. The answer is only Yes and No. Indeed, it is an indicator whether the name was changed or not recently since the display name can only be changed once every two weeks.

Now, it is your turn to try filling the accurate information for all boxes if you want to sell your Fortnite account.

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