How Many Skins Are There in Fortnite 2020

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A user on the popular forum called Reddit has created a graphic showing each Fortnite skin that has ever been released in the Item Shop, Battle Pass, or exclusive to a particular platform or promotion since Fortnite v9.10. It is the data of 2019, so if you are looking for the 2020 data, you need to wait until the end of the year and 2020 is still not ended yet.

The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games releases the new Fortnite skins in the Item Shop, Battle Pass or as exclusives. Outfits or skins available to acquire come in some different kinds of rarities, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Marvel with the default skins having common rarity.

In each major update or with the launch of the new season, Epic Games adds a few new skins to the files, and a Reddit user called w0lver1 has created a graphic to display each Fortnite skin that is in the game since the Fortnite v9.10 update.

All the skins have been divided by rarity, and have been ordered A to Z. Aside from that, you will also see a mark by the skins which have been released as an exclusive to a certain platform, for instance, the EON skin that has an Xbox symbol beside it.

The list here included the Fortnite skins that were released in the Fortnite v9.10 update. According to w0lver1, there are a total of 392 Fortnite skins currently available in the game.

  • Legendary skins

There is a total of 79 Legendary skins that are currently available in Fortnite. Some of them are Arachne, Ark, Black Knight, Calamity, Battle Hound, Criterion, Dire, DJ Bop, Drift, Eon, Fate, Fallen Love Ranger, Cuddle Team Leader, Crackshot, Chomp Sr., Dark Vertex, Dark Voyager, A.I.M, Dark Vanguard, Enforcer, Criterion, Carbide, Deadfire, Fly Trap, Fate, Malice, Musha, Oblivion, Omega, Inferno, and so on.

  • Epic skins

There are a total of  160 Epic skins, including Abstrakt, Aerobic Assassin, Alpine Ace, Beef Boss, Blitz, Cobalt, Dante, Daring Duelist, Bandolier, Burnout, Brite Gunner, Blue Striker, Bunker Jonesy, Bunny Brawler, Bao Bros, Cloaked Star, Clutch, Crackabella, Cloaked Shadow, and so on.

  • Rare skins

There are currently 95 rare skins available in Fortnite. Some of them are Bendie, Blue Squire, Blue Team Leader, Brawler, Brilliant Striker, Brite Bomber, Buccaneer, Chopper, Chromium, Cypher, Circuit Breaker, Clinical Crosser, Cloudbreaker, Disco Diva, Dream, Dazzle, Diecast, Dark Bomber, Codename E.L.F, Dynamic Dribbler, and so on.

  • Uncommon skins

There are a total of 48 uncommon skins. Those include Armadillo, Assault Trooper, Aura, Birdie, Bracer, Braniac, Bullseye, Cabbie, Cole, Commando, Crimson Scout, Devastator, Dominator, Garrison, Guild, Hay Seed, Highrise Assault Trooper, Jungle Scout, Liteshow, Munitions Major, Nitelite, Grill Sergeant, and so on.

  • Common skins

There are a total of 8 common skins, including: Banshee, Hawk, Headhunter, Jonesy, Ramirez, Renegade, Spitfire, and Wildcat.

  • Marvel skins

The collaboration of Fortnite and Marvel introduced two new skins with a new rarity, Marvel. Those are Black Widow and Star Lord.

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