How Fortnite XP is Calculated

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Fortnite XP (Experience Points) is a type of progression in Fortnite. Get enough XP and you are going to level up, which each level give you Battle Stars. Also, XP is used to unlock additional styles for certain skins, such as Ragnarok and Drift.

Though playing matches is the primary way of obtaining XP, the method you play and additional considerations such as the Battle Pass, means certain methods of getting XP to level up fast is easier than others.


Apparently, there are two types of progression in Fortnite – XP levels and Battle Pass Tiers. Though the Battle Pass dictates when you unlock things, XP helps you progress through the Battle Pass faster. Get enough XP and you are going to level up, each level giving you Battle Stars, usually two per level, or five every five levels. The main way to get XP is from playing matches. Your performance dictates how much XP you are going to earn.

Fortnite XP sources:

  • First kill – 50 XP.
  • Additional kills – 20 XP.
  • Survival – 17 XP.
  • Top 20 placement – 25 XP.
  • Top 10 placement – 100 XP.
  • Victory Royale (1st place) – 300 XP.

Simply we are able to say that the longer you last, and the more opponents you kill, so the more XP you are going to get in a match.

According to the research, there are two notes about getting XP throughout a season. One, the XP requirements to achieve the next level are not linear, with each level requiring more XP than the last. If you are interested in how it jumps, XP charts such as those made by plotak on reddit can help. Two, XP progress is tied to that specific season. When the next one rolls around, it resets. It said, the Drift and Ragnarok style unlocks persist between seasons, so if you manage to unlock Ragnarok at Tier 100, you do not have to race to obtain the styles before the season draws to a close. Please take your time!

In addition, there is an Account Level (visit the Career tab, then Profile), that tracks your total XP for as long as you have been playing the game. This is not used for anything, that Epic Games is tracking this means it could be useful one day. Also, you have to note on this Profile screen are your current XP multipliers. One of the many methods you are able to get extra XP easily. Let us take a closer look at these, and other methods of earning XP strictly beyond match stats.


To get easy XP in Fortnite, you are able to consider the following:

  • Last longer in matches.
  • Buy the Battle Pass.
  • Play with Friends.
  • Play during a Double XP event.
  • Complete Challenges, both Daily and Weekly Challenge.

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