How Do I Dance on the Top of Sentinel Heads Around Fortnite’s Marvel Map

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The second week of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 is here and a new package of quests have gone live to help you level up your Battle Passes. The Battle Pass of this season is dominated with the Marvel cosmetic skins and items, making it one of the most prestigious sets.

The beginning of the season has Wolverine, Iron Man, Groot, Mystique, Doctor Doom, Storm, and She-Hulk featured, teleporting to the Fortnite world by Thor. The group made up of heroes and villains will be going up against Galactus throughout to season with some help from Fortnite characters. Aside from that, you will also have to complete the Awakening challenges of all heroes if you want to unlock their superpowers since the teleportation process caused them to lose their power temporarily.

The awakening challenges are able to be unlocked through the Battle Pass as well, making the weekly challenges and the Punch Cards even more valuable. One of the 8 quests of this week require you to dance on the top of three Sentinel heads. Even though the quest sounds easy, finding the Sentinels on the map can be hard if you have not had the time to explore the new Fortnite map.

So, where to dance on the tip of Sentinel head in Fortnite? you will have to make your way to the Sentinel graveyard if you want to complete the quest. That place is not a marked point of interest on the map, but it is really close to Lazy Lake and is just off Weeping Woods. Although you will be able to hop on most of the Sentinel heads from the mountains behind them, a few of them will task you to build a ramp to get to the top. You are recommended to land on one of the Sentinel heads that looks hard to reach and make your way to the other heads after securing one.

As you will need materials to build your way up, completing this challenge in the Team Rumble game mode can be good for saving your time. Every player begins with 150 materials of each kind in Team Rumble. Apart from that, building a small box around you while completing this quest is also recommended since heads of the Sentinels are entirely in the open, and dancing on one of them can quickly get you killed.

While you are at the area, you are also able to launch off a Sentinel hand and complete the Punch Card quest in the process. There, a graveyard of Sentinels will welcome you, with a few of them still having their arms and hands intact. Please look for the glowing purple light inside their hands. This one indicates that Sentinel hand is able to be used as a jump pad and to complete the quest. If you successfully do it, you will be sent in the direction of another hand, meaning a chance that you can synchronize a perfect jumping routine with practice.

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