Give 300 Stone to the First Coral Buddies Encampment on Fortnite

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Epic games, the developer of the popular games called Fortnite, has attempted secret missions with Fortnite over years, including a secret war between gnomes and bears last season, and this latest season is no different. In this season, there is a series of Coral Buddies secret missions. This one sends you throughout the upper left corner of the map in order to help these little ones evolve their tiny civilization.

There are currently four challenges available. The first one is called the Coral Buddies Wood Age Quest, the second one is the Coral Buddies Stone Age Quest, the third one is the Coral Buddies Modern Age Quest, and the fourth one is the Coral Buddies Nuclear Age Quest. All of them are fairly simple if you know what to look for on the Fortnite Season 3 map.

The first Coral Buddies secret challenge called Coral Buddies Wood Age Quest is able to be completed by visiting a small island located on the northwestern corner of the map. There are some creatures as well as a small encampment on the sand on the upper part of the B1 tile on the map grid. There is often very little loot so get ready to start the game off with some weapons if you plan to land here first. apparently, the island is not shown on the map until you have been there once.

Once you have landed on the island, you will see a small group of the blue creatures. You need to give them 100 wood by following the in-game prompt and they will instantly build the little walls and ships. You do not need to worry about the wood as they are enough palm trees on the island to harvest the required amount of wood. Once you do that, you will be able to see a banner popped up saying that you have completed the challenge.

The second one called the Coral Buddies Age of Stone Quest has two steps. The first one begins at the same location as the first one. You will need to return to the first Coral Buddies encampment and give them 300 stones. Keep in mind that there is not nearly enough stone on the island (there are just a few ones) to satisfy the challenge so you are recommended to collect it elsewhere before swimming there.

The lighthouse around the island is such a great one to get all that brick, but it is better for you to drop somewhere like Sweaty Sands or Pleasant Park to collect resources. It is not hard to grab a boat and make your way to the island after that. Remember to keep your eye on the circle as the Coral Buddies encampment could get covered by the storm easy on in the game.

The second one in the Coral Buddies Age of Stone quest requires you to visit three more spots near the first island. You must go to each spot and pickaxe or shoot little rocks beside the coral buddies. It will turn into a Sphinx once you do so.

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