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Knowing the location of where to dance on top of a giant Dumpling head to complete the challenges is a must for you. However, you are able to complete the challenges as easy as possible when you know the exact place. So, trying to find the locations of this challenge is totally recommended for you.

In Fortnite Season 9 Week 4, you will be offered with the free excellent Fortnite challenges. In this chance, you have to complete the challenges divided into three stages. After you completed stage 1 and stage 2, of course, you have to complete the final stage.

  • Stage 1/3: To dance inside a holographic Tomato Head to get 1 Battle Star.
  • Stage 2/3: To dance inside a holographic Durrr Burger Head to get 2 Battle Stars.
  • Stage 3/3: To dance on top of a giant Dumpling head to get 2 Battle Stars.

Now, in this chance, we are going to explain just one of the three challenges above. We focus on the challenge in stage 3 to dance on top of a giant Dumpling head.

Of course, to dance on the top of a giant Dumpling head, you should learn and master the location of the subject. Without knowing the location correctly, you do not wonder if you get a hard way to complete this challenge.

Where is the giant Dumpling head location?

If you are in a Fortnite Battle Royale game, whatever the mode that you choose either Solo, Duos or Trios, definitely you will see many buildings there. Then, we are concerned that the giant Dumpling will be at the top of the building. So, you have to focus to observe any buildings.

When you explore the buildings, you surely will find the giant Dumpling head that you can find on top of one of the buildings in this location. Moreover, the giant Dumpling head is totally located at Lucky Landing on the north side of the area. So, if you are at Lucky Landing, the giant Dumpling hard is hard enough to miss.

The giant Dumpling snips around in a circle on top of a building after all. So, after you find the object, you will simply land at the place and do your perfect dance on it to complete the final stage in this challenge.

Furthermore, the location is the building North of the tree with pink leaves. Then, in Lucky Landing, the giant Dumpling head will be able to be seen rotating on one of the building’s roofs. There will be a smaller building with a red dragon next to it that is able to be used as a landmark in Fortnite.

Of course, to complete this challenge, you should have at least an emote dance. Then, when you are on top of a giant Dumpling head, you can choose an emote dance you have, then, dance it.

Now, you already know the location of the giant Dumpling head in Fortnite. Then, it is your turn to dance on top of the object and complete the challenges. Good Luck!!!

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