Fortnite’s Week 10 Challenges: How to Destroy Shipping Containers at Dirty Docks

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For a few weeks, the weekly challenges of Fortnite Season 3 have included some measure of destruction to get materials. In weeks before, the focus has been on getting the materials like Wood and Stone. During Week 10, however, the focus is less on what you get and more on what you destroy. One of the seven last weekly challenges for Fortnite Season 3 require you to land at or travel on Dirty Docks to destroy some shipping containers.

Challenges like this usually put you in a semi-vulnerable position during a match. All players of Fortnite know about the weekly challenges and most of them will likely find their way to the same area to complete them, leading to hard fought wins. On the other hand, a few of them may decide to stake out a place where a challenge takes place and make some easy eliminations.

Still, you may choose to accomplish these challenges early in the week in order to avoid congestion, and you may complete them in the quieter Team Rumble to avoid too many enemies converging on the same location at once. For completing this challenge, you will get 35,000 XP and about 2,520 Metal. Here is how to destroy the shipping containers at Dirty Docks.

You must be familiar with Dirty Docks, as it has been seen in Fortnite for several seasons. The location disappeared beneath the floodwaters for a while during Season 3 and was the location of Week 4 Aquaman swimming time trial. You are now able to travel to it as the water levels have fallen. The thing will not appear as a named location on the map until you travel to it the first time. You will find Dirty Docks at H4 on the map, south of Steamy Stacks and east of Frenzy Farm.

The easiest method to start destroying the shipping containers is to land right at Dirty Docks from the Bus. If you want to avoid meeting the other players right away and to see about finding some loot fist, you should land somewhere on the outskirts and make your way toward the middle of the location. There are a few shipping containers strewn around the place, with some dozen concentrated near the center. In order to complete the challenge, you need to destroy seven of them.

The way destroying the shipping containers works is similar to breaking boulders or chopping trees. You will want to use any of your harvesting tools, like the free Shooting Starstaff Pickaxe of the Hulk Smasher Arms Pickaxe, to demolish the containers. You will simply swing the tool and hit the containers.

For your information, every shipping container is made of about 360 Metal. It needs around 13 hits to fully break one down. You should be aware of your surroundings and complete the challenge as quickly as possible so that you can avoid needing to try again in another match.

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