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Murder on My Mind is the name of the breakout song by an American rapper YNW Melly. This one describes a dark, upsetting story of Melly shooting a close friend and holding him in his arms as he slowly lost consciousness and left the world.

Apart from that, the rapper also mentions his previous jail time served for gun charges and drug possession. The accident of shooting he refers to in this song happened in 2016 or earlier.

Murder on My Mind is from his debut mixtape I AM You. This one was originally uploaded onto SoundCloud on March 4, 2017 and later released as a single by 300 Entertainment on June 1, 2018. It is considered as the hit of Melly and garnered even further attention after the rapper turned himself for double murder charges on February 13, 2019.

For those who are looking for the code of Murder on My Mind by YNW Melly for the game called Fortnite, you can visit a site called Music Coder. Music Coder is one of the best and the most recommended one when it comes to the music code. In this place, you will be able to find tons of music codes with ease. In order to find the code of Murder on My Mind by YNW Melly in this site, the first thing that you have to do is no one than opening your favorite browser and typing in

When you are there, it is better for you to use the search bar instead of scrolling through the list. You can just type “YNW Melly Murder on My Mind” as the keyword as the results that you are looking for will be shown. Here are the codes of YNW Melly Murder on My Mind that you will be found:

  • YNW Melly – Murder on My Mind: 2255192665
  • Roblox on My Mind Parody of Murder on My Mind: 2942707961
  • YNW Melly Murder on My Mind (clean) (1000+ Sales!): 4293494349
  • YNW Melly Murder on My Mind: 3249847425
  • ### Melly – Murder on My Mind (Minecraft Parody): 3173309543

If you are interested in YNW Melly and want to know the codes of the other songs of the rapper, you can find them on the same place. Please enter the keyword such as “YMW Melly” and the results will be seen immediately. Here is the list of the results:

  • YNW Melly 223s Lofu [100+ Sales!]: 4452703676
  • YNW Melly – Mind on My Murder: 2774573089
  • YNW Melly – Mixed Personalities ft. Kanye West: 2817614766
  • YNW Melly – Butter Pecan: 2395877585
  • YNW Melly – Mama Cry: 2871507406
  • YNW Melly – 772 Love: 2013032226
  • YNW Melly – No Heart: 2803924708
  • YNW Melly – 772 Love: 2228239387
  • YNW Melly – Dangerous In Love: 3103073640
  • YNW Melly – Glokknine (Clean): 2906567516
  • YNW Melly – City Girls: 2801099061
  • YNW Melly – Suicidal (Full, Clean): 4639423121
  • YNW Melly – Mixed Personalities (Full Unpitched): 4513006460
  • YNW Melly – Suicidal ft. Juice WRLD: 4573000714
  • YNW Melly – Virtual: 2667402001
  • YNW Melly – Two Face (Clean): 4511132503
  • YNW Melly – Whodie: 1896837987

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