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Now, you may not know where you have to land in the Fortnite game. If you are feeling this kind of confusing thing, it seems that you need a Fortnite wheel that you can spin. By using a wheel, you do not have to be confused to decide where you have to land because the wheel will do it for you.

There are some online wheels or apps that you can use to decide where you have to land in Fortnite. The first tool that you are able to use is Wheel of Fortnite which can be found at If you want to use this wheel, you just have to click on the Click To Spin button. Then, the arrow of the wheel will show you where you have to drop in the game.

Another online wheel that you are able to use is Fortnite Roulette. It can be accessed at If you access this online tool, you will be able to see that the background is black. If you want to use this tool, it is very easy because you just have to click on the Spin button and then it will spin for you. Here, you can choose to spin drop location or you can choose to spin the challenge or strategy. Even if you need both, you are able to make these things On and then click on the Spin button. Then, you will see the results containing where you have to drop and the challenge or strategy that you have to complete.

If you want to know where to drop by using an app that you can download, then you are able to use Spin The Wheel For Battle Royale. This app is offered by Soul Element and you are able to download it on Google Play store. This app offers a set of predefined wheels, counting with best Fortnite dances set and skins or dances for Battle Royale set. You just have to choose your set and then begin to spin the wheel. After that, you will get totally random results.

This roulette simulator has been made using the best programming techniques. So, everything should run smoothly. This mystery wheel challenge is suitable for all players and if you are a Youtuber, you are also able to include this game in your videos.

The size of this app is 9.3 M and now it has been installed more than 100.000 times. Now, this app is in 1.0.2 version and if you want to use this app, your device must be an android which is in 4.2 or higher version. This app is rated 3.2 which means that is good enough.

In the review, you are able to see that there are a number of Fortnite players who are helped with this app. But, sometimes this app contains some locations which are not in the Battle Royale anymore. However, if you are curious how this app is, you are able to try to download and use it. If now you feel confused about where to drop in Fortnite, you are able to use any of the wheels above to spin to find the area that you have to drop in.

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