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Loading Screens is a type of cosmetic item that you can use in Fortnite Battle Royale. In this case, Loading Screens are cosmetic only, it means it will not give any benefits to the game.

The Loading Screens mostly come with the Uncommon category, but it also comes in Rare, DC Series and Marvel Series. The players definitely can choose them in their locker. Then, they will appear as the game is loading.

Of course, there are many kinds of cosmetics involved in Loading Screen. The cosmetics are totally coming in every Fortnite Season each week. The Loading Screen certainly comes with different items in each week. So, you can unlock the different Loading Screen cosmetics every week.

Then, in this chance, we will focus on Loading Screen in Fortnite week 8 Season X. Why?

If you know that Season X, there are some awesome Loading Screen cosmetics that you can unlock. Here are the Loading Screen cosmetics in Fortnite Season X in each week:

  • Week 1: BRUTE Squad
  • Week 2: Shootout at Sundown
  • Week 3: The Leftovers
  • Week 4: Junk Storm
  • Week 5: Catastrophic
  • Week 6: The Return
  • Week 7: Summer Slurp
  • Week 8: Gothic
  • Week 9: Ready or Not
  • Week 10: Last Stop

But, in this chance, we will show you one of the Loading Screen in week 8. As you can see above, week 8 allows you to find Gothic. Indeed, this can be a fun and challenging way to find it.

In fact, Fortnite Week 8 Loading Screen is such a Fortnite challenge which comes more excellent than usual. This week, you will be surprised with the arrival of Batman themed in Fortnite. The challenge in this season is named Gothic.

The previous leaks connected the Loading Screen to a Batarang, Batman Grapnel gun and the other cosmetics that may include a bonafide Batman outfit. But, in this case, there are not Gothic challenges with Batman related. Instead, the challenges are about these:

  • To deal damage to enemies in a single match.
  • To land at Salty Springs or Junk Junction in different matches.
  • Suppressed weapon Eliminations
  • To look for an Ammo Box in different named locations in a single match.
  • To look for the Chests at Hot Spots.
  • To deal all damage with SMGs to the enemies.
  • To visit retail rows in the same match, then block it.

In usual, the limited-time mission will be only available for a week with new greater challenges released daily. Of course, the players should complete three of the challenges once, then, they will unlock the Gothan-esque Loading Screen.

The scene means a Gotham Gothic city which is soon replaced by the Titled in a brand-new Rift Zone. It can be found in coordinates: G2, G3, H2, H3.

Moreover, the location of the Loading Screen in week 8 can be found through those coordinates. It will turn leading to a location north of the volcano, at the south of the hot springs. Next, the secret battle star has to materialize at the top of a strange-looking pile of brown rocks.

Then, to make you more understanding, you surely can watch a video from xGoOfYwolf entitled Week 8 Hidden Battle Star Location on The GOTHIC Loading Screen – Season X that you can access at

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