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What makes the OBS download is really important for Fortnite players? Then, have you downloaded this Fortnite Tracker OBS? But, if you decide to download this tool, of course it is better for you to know what the tool is and what the benefits that you will get by using this tool.

In fact, the Fortnite tracker is a tool that shows the statistics for any objects. Recently, Fortnite master has launched one awesome Fortnite tracker which is really useful for both developers and players. Fortnite had an alpha version of an OBS Overlay.

What is this tool? Fortnite tracker OBS is a tool to check how many users are playing the game. Through this tracker, you can definitely see the number of Fortnite players over time.

Recently, the tracker OBS overlay is available to download and use on your device. But, some Fortnite players do not know how to get an OBS overlay tracker on their device. However, to get the OBS overlay tracker is really an easy step that you can do. It means that the ways to download the tool is so easy to follow.

Before you go to download the OBS overlay tracker, there are some basic rules that you have to recognize. However, the OBS overlay can be mentioned as the tool which must have the support device in order to run the tracker as well as possible.

Then, if you really desire to get an OBS overlay tracker on your device, of course you have to fill any requirements below!

  • Ensure that you have changed the default width and height to 446 x 115 when you set up the browser scene in OBS Studio. From this setting, you can set the overlay to fit your screen as you want.
  • After you set the screen setting, make sure that you use the latest version of OBS Studio.
  • To get an overlay update, you need to spend about thirty minutes from the start of each game. It means that after the game has finished, not after you die.
  • If you have understood the ways step by step, it is a good time for you to track your stats over a single stream session. Note: Your stats will reset back if you turn off your stream and on again.

How to Get Tracker OBS Download in Fortnite

Please follow these instructions to get it easily. Here are they:

  • Firstly, visit the site of OBS Project at
  • Secondly, you will be directed into the download page.
  • Thirdly, in this step, you need to choose what operating system as you’re currently using currently either Windows, iOS and Linux. Then, choose it.
  • After you choose it, click Download Installer button. You will find some options: download installer (32-bit), download via Bittorrent and download Zip. Choose one of them based on your needs.
  • Then, wait until the file is downloading.
  • After the downloading file is finished, you can continue to install it on your device.
  • Finally, the OBS overlay tracker is ready to use.

Now, it is a great time for you to download it through the site. Make sure that you follow the steps as correctly as possible. Good Luck!

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